‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘When The Dead Come Walking’

Meet The Walker
Professional Zombie Tells The Scoop From The Set
Last week on AMC’s The Walking Dead, things really started getting insane. As if this season wasn’t enough to get our heart rates up, they’ve continually kept the stress level high and it’s not easing up soon. Merle chased Michonne into an abandon mini mall and ran into Glenn and Maggie. He forced Glenn at gunpoint to take him back to Woodbury and Michonne picked up the forgotten formula for the baby and made her way to Grimes’ prison.

Grimes sees Michonne amidst a pack of walkers covered in entrails. He doesn’t know whether to help her or watch her go to work. While he runs for the gate, Carl witnesses her general bad-ass-ness and then guns down a few walkers after she passes out. Grimes agrees to help her, but he isn’t playing nice after the recent trauma he has endured. Luckily for Michonne, she can handle almost anything.

Daryl and Grimes grill the poor woman who has suffered a gun wound to the leg from Merle. Grimes hits her in the wound and demands she tell him how she knew about the prison and where she is from. She tells them about Woodbury and how Glenn and Maggie were taken there. Immediately, Grimes, Daryl, and T-Dogg’s replacement gear up to storm the castle with Michonne at the helm.

Meanwhile, Andrea is still boning the Governor which is just gross despite both of their individual good looks as actors. Milton lets the Governor know that his latest experiment is nearly ready and Andrea assists him. Milton is trying to program an elderly man with prostate cancer who is on the verge of death. After asking him a series of questions over and over, he plans on asking those same questions again once the man has died and turned walker. His theory is that the walkers keep information about their former lives in their subconscious memory.

Andrea isn’t buying it and after they let the old dude die, Milton tries his questions but doesn’t think it’s going well while the body is in restraints. He lets the walker loose and is immediately attacked before Andrea skull punches the zombie with a hunting knife. Milton is appalled and annoyed that his experiment wasn’t able to come to fruition.

Merle has been ‘interrogating’ Glenn, trying to get answers about his brother Daryl. Glenn isn’t talking and is taking a licking in the meantime. After they let a walker loose inside Glenn’s holding cell, he dismantles the chair he is tied to and takes on the walker with no problems. The Governor isn’t satisfied and he decides he will question Maggie. He enters her holding cell and makes her take off her tank top and bra, then he eerily breathes on her neck and slams her down on the table. It was extremely unnerving and showed the Governor’s even darker side.

He then takes Maggie into Glenn’s cell and works them against one another until Maggie spills the beans about the prison. The Governor can’t believe that only 10 people took that building down and thinks Maggie is  lying. He tells Merle to get a team together to check it out and try to take the prison for themselves, something they’ve apparently been wanting to do for awhile but were unable to because Merle said it couldn’t be done.

Daryl, Grimes, Michonne and T-Dogg 2 approach the gates of Woodbury and the audience senses a battle. Andrea remains moronic and struts around not knowing poop from applesauce. Something is about to go down and it’s going to be epic. Next week’s preview shows Carl locking down the prison with the women while Merle’s gang tries to bust in. It also shows Grimes and the Governor meeting up. This episode was stressful, but necessary to set us up for an epic mid-season finale.