‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Walk With Me’

Meet A Professional Zombie
Extra On The Set Reveals Behind The Scenes Secrets
In the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, audiences finally got to catch up with power pair Michonne and Andrea. We hadn’t seen them in awhile because of Rick Grimes and his prison break-in, but Michonne and her walker pets are still hauling Andrea’s sick ass all over the place. They see smoke from a helicopter crash and decide to check it out, then they meet ‘The Governor’.

But first, they watch from the woods as he and his men stick a knife in the skulls of the two dead soldiers before carrying the wounded pilot to their vehicles. Andrea is aghast because she doesn’t know yet that everyone carries the virus, even if they haven’t been bitten. She also bumps into someone she never thought she’d ever see again: Daryl’s raunchy uncouth older brother Merle and his mechanical arm.

The Governor takes them back to Woodbury, a utopian society of 74 people who are gardening, smelling flowers, and walking happily in the streets while armed guards protect the encampment. Andrea is given meds and medical treatment. Michonne remains skeptical. Merle questions Andrea about Grimes’ group, which she knows little to nothing about since 7 or 8 months have gone by. The Governor gives them a room to sleep in and lets them know they can leave the next morning.

But first he has his medical lab nerd run some tests on Michonne’s pet walkers. He concludes that Michonne used them as camouflage to cover up her human scent and walk amongst the dead unnoticed. He also thinks she was able to control them because she knew them before they died and became walkers, that they are emotionally loyal to her. When he confronts Michonne she is pretty upset and says nothing. Andrea is hurt that Michonne has yet to tell her much about her life.

The Governor helps the pilot from the helicopter and finds out where his companions are located, then he approaches the group of government soldiers appearing friendly before having them all killed. He then takes their ammunition and tells the Woodbury folk that they were already dead when he found the soldiers. Everyone is grateful, including Andrea. Michonne remains smart and skeptical. Andrea asks The Governor what his real name is and he says he will never tell.

Later that evening, we see him getting drunk in his quarters with a naked lady in his bed. He looks at a picture of his family and then enters a creepy room in which he has on display the many heads of several walkers he has killed or collected, including the pilot he was previously ‘saving’ from the helicopter crash. Super creepy and very intriguing. Hopefully Michonne nabs her samurai sword and goes ninja on him before it’s too late!