‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Vatos

Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel turned series, The Walking Dead did not disappoint one bit this week.

Sisters Andrea and Amy showed how tight their bond really was just so writers could shove it in our faces later in the episode.

Rick, Daryl, Glenn and T-Dog traversed back into zombie run Atlanta to gather up Daryl’s asshole brother Merle and some guns Rick left in the street. The only problem is that Merle cauterized his own arm off and disappeared from the roof and Glenn was captured by a local Latino tough guy gang aka los vatos.

Let me just say that Norman Reedus who plays Daryl does a fantastic hillbilly accent and carries himself well in this role. Miguel, a teenage wastoid from the vatos calls Merle a ‘redneck puto’ which is not only accurate but well deserved. That douche stole the van!

Guillermo, the vatos gang leader was surprisingly well versed and a fantastic front man. His expression, “You fascinate me,” was clever and humorous. No one expects that from a murderous bunch of Latinos. Nor did anyone expect that Guillermo was caring for the elderly in a creepy old folks home. I still can’t decide if it was just generally eery there or enhanced by the impending doom of constant zombie attacks.

Speaking of which, the mysterious Jim showed up at camp and went all freaky weird psychic on everyone. Those powers would have come in handy if he could have predicted the camp was going to be ransacked by a pack of wild zombies at any given moment. Luckily, the abusive douche husband was killed off and it saved us from Dale talking about William Faulkner much longer.

Sadly, we lost Amy. Actually she was sort of annoying and it wasn’t that great of a loss, but realistically, it would be extremely traumatizing for this to happen in life. The Walking Dead does have its dull moments, but those were completely blown away by the fact that zombies were eating people throats out in droves at the end of the episode. Much better than the wimpy two zombie scenes they gave us last week.

Jim’s words did their job of thoroughly freaking everyone out, “I remember my dream now. Why I dug the holes.” That would have been great information about ten minutes before dude.