‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Us’

Norman Flexes His Muscles
Reedus Poses For Terry Richardson
Well, the gang is almost there.

On the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the groups are starting to merge after the prison separation. Right now Tara, Glenn, Eugene, and Abraham are still trekking down the tracks and Glenn is intent on finding Maggie.

Tara is listening to Eugene’s ramblings before Glenn sees a sign that Maggie has written on telling him to follow the tracks to Terminus. Glenn, ever the romantic, starts running after his love. Awwww!

The gang follows after him but after a while they get tired and want to stop. Glenn refuses and gives his riot gear to Eugene so the gang can go on without them. Tara hurts her ankle and stays behind with Glenn.

The two come to a tunnel where the tracks continue on and decide to go forth with a flashlight that Abraham has given them. They come to a part in the tracks where the ceiling has caved in and freshly killed a bunch of people, turning them into walkers. They decide to climb over the rubble when they notice a couple dozen more walkers coming and trapping them in. Glenn distracts them with the flashlight, setting it on the rubble, and the two climb over to the other side. Tara’s foot gets trapped in between some rocks and Glenn refuses to leave her.

Eugene feels guilty about leaving Glenn and Tara. After he, Abraham, and Rosita kill off a mom walker in a mini van and drive on, Eugene purposefully gives the wrong directions and they end up at the point in the railroad tracks where he believes Glenn and Tara should be if they had made it out of the tunnel on foot.

Rick, Michonne, and Carl are seeming more cheerful as they make their way down the tracks. The fact that none of these groups have bumped into one another is a little annoying. Michonne and Carl are having a balancing contest on the tracks when Carl wins and Michonne has to give up a candy bar. Then they all carry on.

Just when Glenn and Tara are about to be eaten alive they see people in the distance, who shoot down all the walkers and approach them. It’s Maggie, Bob, Sasha, and Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita who met them on the other side of the tunnel in the mini van. The prison folk want to carry on toward Terminus, but Abraham’s group wants to focus on getting back to Washington DC so Eugene can save the world. They decide to go to Terminus first and see what they find.

Meanwhile, Daryl is dealing with some pretty terrible gang dynamics. This group of ruffians he is trapped with won’t let him leave without a fight and demand that he follow their rules. After he gets up early in the morning to shoot a rabbit he has to split it with this idiot in the group because he didn’t properly claim it. Later on the group stops at an old garage and the idiot accuses Daryl of stealing his half of the rabbit. Daryl tells the truth, saying it wasn’t him. The leader takes Daryl’s side and the group punishes the idiot.

We also find out that the group is following and tracking Rick Grimes after they found him in the house he was staying at and he killed one of their men. Daryl doesn’t know that this man they are looking for is Rick. The leader has taken to Daryl and wants to mentor him, but Dixon wants to just get out and find Beth.

At the end of the episode, Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Sasha, Bob, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita get to Terminus. They are peacefully able to walk right in through two separate gates as there are no guards and they see tons of plants and crops being grown. It seems like a happy town, but one can never be too sure after Woodbury and the prison. A woman greets them and offers them something to eat. Can she be trusted?