‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Triggerfinger’

Last Week's Episode
Rick Gimes Takes Bar Fighting To A Whole New Level
The plot has officially thickened now that new bad guys have been introduced into the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Only this new gang of brutes are much more unpredictable than the constant threat of walkers and the unavoidable drama that comes from relationships during life or death situations. 

When the audience last saw Rick Grimes he was stuck in a bar with Glen and Hershel as well as two super dead guys. They were shady as hell and bring a pack of goons following close behind. Rick does what he does best, try to negotiate. Meanwhile, Glen tries a backdoor escape route and Hershel decides to become proactive and shoot a dude. Glen chickens out and Rick comes to his aid, but just in time for an onslaught of walkers to arrive.

The zed heads proceed to straight up eat a dude’s nose off while the three guys head toward a fallen sniper who was abandoned by the pack of shady villains. He is stuck on a fence and the walkers are headed his way. Rick and Hershel decide to quickly amputate his leg, but time is short and they abandon that idea deciding instead to take the teenage goon with them back to the farm.

Lori wakes up from her mapping while driving faux pas to a very forward zombie straight up licking her windshield with great tenacity. He then proceeds to rip his own face off in order to get to his prey. She is able to find a sharp object and jack him in the eye socket, only then to meet her second walker attack which she takes care of with a gun. 

Shane notices Lori’s long term absence from the farm and decides to go find her. Upon his arrival, a distraught Lori demands to be taken to Rick in order to help rescue him. Shane lies to her, explaining that Rick and the others have already arrived at the farm and she must return immediately. The audience can speculate that Shane does this because he truly cares for Lori or because he truly does not care to help find Rick and Hershel, the two current hierarchy on the farm. 

When Lori arrives and realizes Shane’s white lie she is infuriated. He then reveals to the rest of the crew that Lori is pregnant and that he was forcing her to return in the best interest of the baby, which he most definitely thinks is his own. Lori’s young son Carl is surprised about the news and later encourages Lori to name the baby Sophia if it’s a girl. Lori talks to Shane, making it clear that she never had feelings for him and that her loyalty is to Rick. Shane seems taken aback and visibly upset before leaving Lori alone. 

Upon Rick, Hershel, and Glen’s arrival Maggie runs to her new boyfriend to comfort him and he denies her affections. Glen feels extremely guilty about not acting in the heat of battle for his comrades, essentially abandoning them due to his own life. Maggie’s little sister is still in shock from the barn slaughtering and Hershel attends to her. 

Another interesting side story is that of Daryl and Carol. She seems to care for him due to his dedication to finding Sophia which is now a lost cause, sending Daryl back into solitude. It’s doubtful that writers are setting them up for a romance, but this innate connection they have with one another does fulfill a couple of empty holes in their individual lives. Daryl seems to have come from a very bad home and Carol is a victim of extreme abuse from her formerly living husband. Not to mention her daughter just died. Whatever writers want to achieve with this aside remains unclear, but will most certainly keep Daryl’s story even more mysterious. 

Lori is honest with Rick, letting him know about her conversation with Shane and her worry that he may be willing to do anything to claim his possible offspring as well as her love. She suspects his killing Otis and reminds Rick how dangerous he can be. Rick once again stands up for Shane by mentioning his own killing of the two goons at the bar in order to protect what he loves. But Lori makes it clear that Rick may have to be willing to kill even those he cannot admit are true villains, one being his very best friend and former police partner. 

While it may be true that the audience thrives off the gory, slaughtering of the walkers, the drama is most certainly what drives the story.