‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘The Suicide King’

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In the mid-season continuation of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the usual shocking moments didn’t seem to suffice. Character development seemed to be more important to the writers this week and perhaps because they wanted to get us back into the groove of things. Now that things are completely chaotic in Woodbury, a fourth season of this series will prove very interesting.

The Governor doesn’t seemed phased that his right eye was only recently gashed out by Michonne when she discovered his creepy zombie daughter and a tank of preserved walker heads. He throws a patch on that bitch and keeps on keeping on. He is pitting Daryl and Merle up against one another in the walker gladiator games, which the town is loving. Andrea tries to file a formal complaint, but it seems that he doesn’t really care to hear her opinion.

Grimes, Daryl, and Maggie save the day and after Merle and Daryl work together, they smoke bomb the place and the townsfolk run away. Maggie is pumping rounds into the crowd and apparently six or seven are killed. The group meets up with Glenn and Michonne by the trusty old Hyundai SUV, but things aren’t as pleasant as Glenn hoped.

Merle is still a major douche canoe and Daryl can’t help but stand by his brother’s side. Grimes tries to convince him otherwise, but Daryl won’t return to the prison without Merle. No one in their group will be cool with Merle, who is completely insane. Everyone is very disappointed about this and Glenn loses his shit, but honestly what are they to do? Our hope is that Daryl figures out that Merle is terrible and decides to return. If Norman Reedus disappears, we will riot!

Carl is still manning the fort at the old prison camp. The newcomers really want to stay, but Hershel tells them it isn’t his decision. The group provides the newbies with shovels to burry their fallen friend, but two of the newbs propose a hostile takeover. They figure they can have the place on lock if they overcome the two chicks, the gimp old dude, the kid, and the baby. Luckily, the two decent people talk them out of it.

Andrea tries to calm the townsfolk of Woodbury, who want to get the eff out of dodge after almost getting shot to death. Woodbury is no longer safe and it seems the Governor has proven himself to be thoroughly insane. Due to a hole in their defenses after Grimes busted Daryl out, walkers have infiltrated the town and attack some dudes in front of the folks at the gate. Andrea is able to take the walkers down, but one towns member is injured and it’s pretty clear that he’ll turn walker. The Governor approaches the scene and puts a bullet in the dude’s head as the folks decide how they should help the poor man. Everyone is in shock.

When Grimes returns and lets Carol know that Darryl left, she is pretty devastated. She explains to Beth that when an abused person is back with their abuser, the vicious cycle of control starts over again. This reminds us why Carol and Darryl connected to begin with and actually makes their relationship more meaningful.

Just when Grimes is meeting the newcomers, he kind of loses it and sees a hallucination of Lori’s ghost. It’s too bad that we didn’t see her face, because dead girl looked smoking hot in that ghostly white dress! The group is pretty weirded out. Also, when Grimes holds Lil’ Asskicker for the first time in awhile, he kind of goes into la-la-land for a minute or two. If we lose Grimes to insanity this group is really in a bind. Glenn is damaged after knowing that Maggie was essentially raped, but definitely sexually assaulted by the Governor. He is also upset that Grimes didn’t kill that one eyed bastard when he had the chance.

Grimes is also suspicious and untrusting of Michonne, which we all hope he gets over soon. She did after all, take care of Andrea and bring the baby formula to the prison to inform them of Glenn and Maggie’s troubles at Woodbury. If the group needs a replacement for Daryl it is most certainly now and Michonne is the only person deemed worthy of such a promotion.