‘The Walking Dead’ Recap, Taking Surprise Endings To A Whole New Level [SPOILERS]

Bernthal's Bangin' Body
Our Favorite Zombie Killer Shows Off His Six Pack Abs!
If you’ve been bored at any point during this last season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, you probably needed to change your shorts after the series latest episode.

When we last left the group, Dale had come to an untimely end and Carl was feeling pretty guilty about chickening out on his first zombie kill. Pan into a funeral narration of Sheriff Rick Grimes’ voice and visuals of T-Dog, Andrea, Daryl and Shane going on a walker killing spree. So far, so epic!

However, as with most television series there were some annoying inconsistencies that happened because writers assume the audience has a short memory from week to week. For instance, Andrea was like Dale’s little sugar baby depending on how you look at it and she couldn’t wipe that shit eating grin off of her face within twenty four hours of his funeral. Fixing up old motor homes is so much fun! While Glen feels terrible for abandoning Dale when the group held the trial for Randall, Andrea is fit as a fiddle. But absolute holy shit moment didn’t come until later and boy was it a shocker.

We may have thought that Dale getting his innards ripped from his abdomen was traumatizing and by all means, it was. However, our favorite villain Shane still has an itch he can’t scratch and this episode he was anchoring for more than he could bear. Carl approaches him to tell him the truth about leaving that walker sitting in the mud, which ultimately led to Dale’s disembowelment. Whoops! Shane tells Rick that he really needs to talk to his son, but Grimes is still trying to figure out what to do with Randall. However, he takes Shane’s advice and talks to the boy, letting him know that he can’t be a child anymore, people are going to die and hey, here is a loaded gun kid! Have at it!

Hershel finally lets the crew move into the house and everyone starts boarding up the windows, fixing look out points and moving the vehicles. The old man gives his bed to Lori because she is super knocked up and nothing makes people feel more guilty than that. T-Dog made an appearance this episode. It’s such a bummer that he hasn’t been featured more this season. Maggie tries to get Glen to share her room, but the dude has all kinds of issues these days and can’t take on any more drama, like boning his girl in the room next to her father’s. 

Shane attempts to fix something on his own, prompting Lori to have a heart to heart with him. She tells him thank you for all he did to protect her and her son while Rick was MIA. Shane gets that cupid’s look in his eye and Lori starts crying before she drops the mic and walks away. If the audience even started having inklings of sorrow for Shane, he took that and threw it out the window. Shane visits prisoner Randall who has all but chewed through his handcuffs, leaving his hands terribly bloody. Shane is like a loose cannon ready to blow, especially since Lori is still playing games with his heart and he almost blows Randall’s head off. But he thinks better of the situation and decides to stage a coo.

He takes takes Randall into the woods, leaving the cuffs locked as well as the barn door. Then he makes him disclose the location of his gang of thugs before snapping his neck and leaving his mangled body. Then Shane goes completely agro and bashes his own face into a tree which breaks his nose. He hides his gun and goes to tell the others that Randall attacked him and got away. Immediately Rick becomes suspicious, but the group divides into a Rick/Shane duo and a Daryl/Glen scouting team.

Somehow, Daryl has the best vision ever and can track people in absolute darkness. He can even decipher how Shane and Randall were walking, that they had an altercation and that someone hit the tree. This begs the question as to why Daryl wasn’t the head of CSI in his county prior to the apocalypse. Then along comes our friend Randall, but now he is a seriously gross walker and the dude has changed fast. Remember a few episodes ago when Rick and Shane noticed that walkers were turning at a mere scratch rather than a bite? Randall was a pretty unsanitary fellow and he may have been infected long before he was captured by Rick in town.

Daryl and Glen take care of zombie Randall before noticing that his neck was indeed snapped prior to his death. Another inconsistency is how the hell walker Randall managed to walk at all with a snapped neck. Rick and Shane end up in a field together when it dawns on Grimes that he is being set up. Shane has Rick in his sights and is ready to kill him and take over husband and daddy duties. Rick tries to talk him out of it, but Shane is ready to blow. He convinces him to slowly put down his weapon, but as Shane gets closer to him Rick does the unthinkable. He stabs his best friend and his loyal partner in the heart. He is devastated by this, but Shane of course has left Grimes absolutely no choice. If anyone ever gave Shane the benefit of the doubt it was Rick, over and over and over.

Carl wanders into the field to find his father kneeling over Shane’s lifeless body and he raises the gun he was entrusted with earlier. The audience waits to see if Carl will shoot his dad, but before he can decide Shane gets up from the ground in the most disturbing of walker fashion. Our favorite villain is now dead in the head and lusting after brains, within seconds of his death. Holy shit doesn’t even cover it. Carl decides to shoot Shane zombie instead of Rick and the episode pans out with the two looking over Shane’s super gross corpse with a pack of wild walkers approaching them from afar.

The obvious worries are these: if the virus can spread and turn someone within minutes, albeit seconds than we’re in for a whole new ball game folks. Anyone could be infected at anytime and the same rules no longer apply. The season finale is next week and it’s anyone’s guess what type of insanity will go down that could top Shane’s terribly epic death, resurrection and walker death. The game is not over yet.