‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Still’

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A little moonshine never hurt anyone.

On the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Daryl and Beth were front and center. The two shared some hillbilly juice together and starting spilling their true feelings. It was the story about two strangers who stopped being polite and started getting real.

Beth was on the hunt to get plastered. I mean, I guess it had something to do with the fact that she watched her dad get his head sliced off with a freaking katana sword.

The two are still making it day by day in the woods. At night they hull themselves up in a car trunk and Daryl keeps watch with his crossbow ready to take out any walkers that might get through their airtight security system, a handkerchief holding the trunk closed. This is a teenage girl’s dream. Beth is alone all night long with Daryl Dixon, the muscly, sweaty, dirty little redneck who is protecting her.

But things aren’t that easy. Beth is super annoying in my opinion. And just when I started shipping those two together, Daryl reminded us all why Beth is super annoying and why he shouldn’t ever hook up with someone that crazy.

The two find a country club golf course where there was an apparent uprising with the lower class staff, who killed many of the rich folk and hung them from the rafters. Daryl seems to relate as he starts collecting jewels and money. This confuses Beth, but the two make their way through the club to the bar. She wants her first alcoholic beverage and all that is left is peach schnapps. She breaks down and cries, I’m assuming due to memories of her father who was once an alcoholic and forbid the girls ever touch the stuff.

Daryl decides peach schnapps isn’t going to cut it for Beth’s first drink and he leads her to an old trailer home that he and Michonne found while tracking one day. He loads up a crate with moonshine and the two partake while playing a truth telling game. Beth makes an assumption that Daryl was once in a jail or prison, which really pisses him off. He reminds us that Beth is a whiney little brat that tried to slit her wrists once in season two, sings all the time to get attention, never had to suffer or want for anything all her life until the apocalypse and has no concept of the real world.

For Daryl, the apocalypse has actually given him purpose and improved his status and respect. What all of us see as badass crossbow and camping and BBQ skills are just ways that Daryl had to survive in the real world every day. That is actually pretty sad. When he finally breaks down he reveals to her that he was nobody before the apocalypse and just followed his meth head brother Merle around. He also lets her know that he feels responsible for the deaths of people they knew and the break up of the group because he felt he should have been able to prevent it.

Beth gives Daryl a well timed hug. The two decide to torch the trailer home and then they flip off the flames and walk away. Beth seems to have grown up a lot this episode. Hopefully the two will be able to bond more as time goes by.

By Chelsi Archibald

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