‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Sick’ [PHOTOS]

Meet The Cast
The Cast Of AMC's Hit Zombie Show Strut Their Stuff
In the season opener for AMC’s The Walking Dead, Hershel got into a real bind when he was bitten and Rick Grimes immediately hacked off his leg below the knee. While attempting to save Hershel from becoming a walker, the group noticed a few live men who have been living in the cafeteria for the last ten months.

Immediately, everyone recognizes this as more trouble than it’s worth and Grimes considers killing them off. But their leader, an angry Latino fella, says they’ll give up half of the food rations in order to secure their own cell block with the help of Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog (who has finally come back into our radar since the disgusting farm well incident and is performing nicely). Can we campaign for more T-Dog?

Meanwhile, Hershel is bleeding out and Carol is trying to use her second hand medical craft to save his life. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather take my chances than have Carol try to fix my sawed off leg. I generally give Carol a hard time and I’m pretty critical, but after seeing Lori revive Hershel when he stopped breathing and then witnessing little Carl grab some gauze and meds from the infirmary like a boss, I think I’ve proven my point. While all of this occurs, Carol is out experimenting on a female walker’s cadaver body so she can “help” Lori when it’s time to have the baby. Thanks Carol, great brainstorming.

Grimes and the prisoners move forward into the next cell and Daryl tries to teach them how to properly kill a walker. The prisoners use jail yard technique and beat a walker in the gut with little-to-no results. Finally, they get the hang of things and start moving through the cell. But big guy, who we all like much more than Latino angry dude, strays from the group and is scratched with a walker’s bone hand that just loosed itself from some handcuffs. It was one of those classic zombie scenes that makes the characters’ incessant bitching worth it. Grimes debates with the others as to what they should do with the big oaf, but angry dude just goes at him and kills the poor guy blow for blow, leaving blood all over the place.

Needless to say, Rick is a bit wary after this incident and moves on with caution. They finally hit the prisoners’ intended cell block and Rick instructs angry man to open one of the two locked doors. Latino unlocks them both and throws a walker on Rick ‘by accident’. Daryl comes to the rescue like it’s no big deal. Rick previously asked Lori what she would think if he killed these jerks and she tells him to do whatever he can to protect their group. Because angry man attempted to kill Rick via walker, he shows no mercy and immediately machetes him in the skull. This was equal parts awesome and disturbing. Rick will definitely have psychological issues in the years to come.

The remaining men surrender, but one prisoner decides to run and Grimes chases him. It seems pretty useless for Rick to do this until the problem sort of solves itself. The prisoner runs into a courtyard full of walkers and Rick closes the gate behind him. The other two fellas are led to their cell block and see that their friends were lined up and shot in the head by the prison guards upon the initial outbreak of the virus. Sadly, Grimes and his crew have seen so much worse and despite the fact that these guys have been oblivious to the complete dissolution of government, technology, or order in the world, they have to learn the hard way. T-Dog advises them to burn the bodies.

Finally, the crew gets back in time to see Hershel wake from his slumber. I certainly hope the old bastard had some sweet dreams, because he is in for a reality check once he wakes up. He reaches out for Rick and holds his hand. This is most likely good for Rick, because he feels like a real pile of shit with all the killing he has had to do lately. Yet, Grimes is pretty numb to it now that he’s had to kill his own best friend Shane when he turned walker.

Regrets? No Michonne and Andrea this week. Previews suggest we will catch up to them making out finding help from newest addition to the cast, The Governor. He is quite a lofty character in the graphic novels, so it will be interesting to see how writers execute the transition.

Also, I’m not too worried about Lori’s baby. But I’m very interested in Glen and Maggie getting it on and making a badass ninja baby. Super hot. It was also a nice surprise that the writers haven’t killed off Hershel just yet, because otherwise Beth will be slitting her wrists in the commissary bathroom post-haste.

But most importantly, Rick and Lori are somewhat talking now. Lori assumes that Rick hates her for the whole Shane debacle and for being a bad mother. Rick disagrees with her on the mother part, but doesn’t correct her in the wife department. When are these two going to make up? The prediction lies somewhere around the birth of their new child, which everyone wants to be Rick’s baby. I think a rekindling will happen then and thank God, because we cannot deal with Lori not getting laid any longer. And also because Andrew Lincoln has had his shirt on for far too long already.