‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Secrets’

In the latest episode of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ the crew balances their ideals with the value of human life. Some characters are more concerned about it than others, but Shane and Andrea enjoyed each other’s company after an exciting game of gun-down-the-walker.

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Daryl is still recovering from when Andrea accidentally grazed him with a gunshot to the head. He forgives her this time around, but warns her that the future may not be so bright if she makes the same mistake twice. Meanwhile, Lori has got a mistake of her own that she is trying to deal with.

Glenn is dealing with two very big secrets. First, he knows that Hershel the farmer is keeping his undead relatives in the barn, feeding them live chickens and also, he knows that Lori is super knocked up.

No one seems to respect the fact that Glenn is a sweet guy and they continue to boss him around and order him to keep his mouth shut. Glenn is controlled by all kinds of vaginas, even the ones he is in no way responsible for. He finally caves and lets Dale know about both the problems.

Little Carl finds a rogue gun and asks Shane to train him in shooting. Carl seems to know that Shane is the rebel father in his life and doesn’t approach his dad with this. Rick Grimes is a law man and he is straight with promises and rules. Despite making true connections with his only son it is still difficult for Carl to address anything he thinks his dad might not approve.

Lori isn’t cool with the fact that Carl shows interest in shooting, but Rick trusts his best friend and Shane agrees to give a master shooting class to anyone who needs training. Because Shane is really good at shooting people, especially when he is in a bind. He works with Andrea, pressuring her to hit a moving target but her reaction is not positive.

Shane decides to take Andrea on a hunt for Sophia. In case the audience hasn’t caught on yet, this whole Sophia disappearance is the entire premise of this season. And you thought it would only last a couple episodes. When Shane and Andrea approach the house that they think Sophia might be squatting inside, a pack of walkers surround them and Andrea starts hitting every one of her targets.

On the drive home, Andrea is so happy about her latest zombie count that she totally gropes her mentor Shane and he is really into it. I definitely saw this coming back in the first episode of the season when Andrea secluded herself from the group and starting bonding with Shane.

Glenn gets Lori the morning after pill and some prenatal vitamins then drops the mic and gets out of there. Lori still hasn’t told Rick and she is dealing with this decision on her own. Dale tries to talk her into keeping the baby, but ultimately she couldn’t go through with the deed. Rick sees the morning after pills and goes to find Lori who is puking in the bushes.

You have to give it to Rick for not totally freaking out. I guess he has seen a lot of shit in his day and it ultimately doesn’t phase him that his wife confesses to previously boning Shane. Hopefully now that these secrets are out of the way the two of them can stay on the same team and truly bond as husband and wife.

Dale talks to Hershel and it becomes clear to everyone that Hershel wants them off of his land. Perhaps he is tired of bonding with people and then having to care for their dead walking corpses. Dale also told Shane what he thinks of him after he noticed that the guy is moving in on his ‘daughter’ Andrea. Either way, the crew still hasn’t found Sophia and Daryl wasn’t featured enough this episode.