‘The Walking Dead’ Season Two Premiere Gives Us Hot Dudes & Zombie Gore

The second season of The Walking Dead started things out with enough blood and guts to please any zed head audience. But will the momentum have staying power? One thing is for sure, Andrew Lincoln is super ripped and hotter than ever in his cute little white T-shirt and sheriff’s hat.

Guess you already know I’m not much of a believer,” says character Rick Grimes, “Guess I just chose to put my faith elsewhere.”

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After Rick Grimes opens the season with his usual walkie talkie chat to buddy Morgan, Norman Reedus came riding in on a chopper like a bat out of hell. Is this an episode of The Walking Dead or a new Lady Gaga music video? Either way, Reedus is my favorite part of this series and he wasn’t even a character in the original graphic novels by Robert Kirkman. Not only did he play the perfect ‘Judas’ for Ms. Gaga, but he is still in first place for best zombie kills. Nobody gets more excited about a geek autopsy gut removal than the character of Daryl.

The whole gang is back and shaking in their boots since the bunker debacle. They come upon a semi truck blocking the road and a whole load of dead people. It’s only logical that at this very moment, the RV would have an engine issue and everyone would make sure to exit their vehicles to survey the damage. Lori is the first to realize that this isn’t such a great idea.

“This is a graveyard. I don’t know how I feel about this.”

The mothers tell their children to avoid looking at the dead, but from what we’ve already seen, these kids are made out of pure grit. Little pink backpack? Bottle of fresh looking milk? While the crew prays for a miracle the audience prays for a zombie baby to appear. That is the kind of fandom that this show creates. You see yourself in the equation, weighing options and realizing the possibilities that one day you might have to make these tough decisions. It’s pretty sick when you think about it.

Andrea decides that there is no better time to learn how to rebuild a handgun than when your friends are vulnerable, out in the open and about to be attacked by ‘walkers’. Dale needs to find a new pair of binoculars because he didn’t see this herd until it was about 300 yards from the RV.

T-dog somehow manages to cut his arm severely while the walkers approach and surprisingly Daryl comes to his rescue. Daryl hated T-dog in the first season for compromising his brother’s life and we still don’t know how that will turn out. His brother has never been found and it’s more than likely he will show up as a geek very soon, challenging Daryl’s ethics like never before. For now though, he has no qualms about laying in a pile of rotting walkers and screw driving someone in the spinal column.

Kudos to the makeup crew on the motor-home zombie. Also, the camera angles in this show are as fantastic as ever. The view of the walkers’ feet as the herd passed by made for a very frightening portrayal of post humanism. And as always, Daryl’s arrow shooting through a geek’s eye in the forest was great.

Rick Grimes has a mad face. He awaits patiently behind a tree with a rock in his hand. Que the audience watching one disgusting display of skull bashing almost as brutal as the new Ryan Gosling film Drive. The autopsy that Rick and Daryl performed to find out if this walker had eaten little Sophie was as traumatizing as ‘Luke Skywalker’ light sabering the belly of a Tauntaun to keep warm in the wilderness of planet Hoth.

Daryl’s reaction when they find only animal bones is a mere, “At least we know.” Yes, I think the audience just got more than they ever bargained for. Did we ever really need to know?

If anyone is going to risk the safety the flock for one little sheep named Sophie, it’s the character of Rick Grimes. He may be the manliest man since ‘Ron Swanson’. However, cop dude’s son Carl is dealing with quite a psychological battle between his love for his silent father and the active, showy Shane who has been his mother’s consort. Shane blows Carl off while Rick finally let’s him get involved. Smart too, because this kid needs to fend for himself if he plans on being part of the pack.

Nobody is better suited for maggot-faced-tent-guy duty than Daryl, who makes sure to give Lori the spare gun which was effective in blowing a dude’s head off. He is such a sweetheart!

Andrea has a little chat with her father/boyfriend figure Dale then overhears the love spat of Lori and Shane. Her reaction is to get super agro. She makes sure to lecture Shane on her need to hit the road, but we all know they are totally hooking up later. Lori wants Shane around, wants him to be buddy-buddy with her son, but she doesn’t want to have any more ‘rec room’ incidents. How did Shane manage to bring all these smokin’ hot milkshakes to the yard?

Nothing is more eery than a nice, clean white church with worshiping walkers in the pews. Rick and Shane make sure to machete them in the face immediately to set the tone for a wonderful public prayer by Mama Carol. This episode brought back the wonderful life line from day one of the series, real humanity. As an audience looking at the Deity on the cross covered in the blood of the dead, we cannot help but contemplate the seriousness of the apocalyptic situation. When there are no more laws, morals or religion, how does anyone conduct themselves?

Rick asks some poignant questions that viewers seem to be asking themselves. The Walking Dead definitely provides a commentary on these things, but with enough gore to keep your mind off the big picture and focused on the next geek kill at hand.