‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Say The Word’

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After last week’s absolutely disheartening episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the writers decided to go a little more easy on us as an audience, but not much. Pan in on the Governor brushing an unknown person’s hair and when part of her scalp comes off in the hairbrush, we realize that it is his daughter Penny in walker form. For some reason, he is keeping her around and even if it’s because of sentiment like Hershel or hope for a possible cure, it’s still very disturbing to think about. Not only does this man have a room of walker heads on display like trophies, but he is feeding his little girl in an effort to keep her ‘alive’.

Back at the prison, things are still extremely sad. Hershel says that the little baby is healthy, but won’t be for long if they don’t find her any formula. Daryl isn’t having that. That devilishly handsome bad ass Norman Reedus refuses to let another person die and so he storms off into the wild with his southwestern parka and his hunting bow in search for hope.

Maggie tags along for the ride on Daryl’s chopper and they find an abandoned daycare in which there is formula and supplies for baby Grimes. Glenn stays back and starts digging graves. He digs three, for Lori, T-Dog, and Carol although they have yet to go recover the bodies. He speaks with Hershel and wishes they would have killed the prisoners they found in the commissary immediately, rather than trust them and let their own group be killed off. He also credits T-Dog for saving Maggie’s life by closing the gate when the walkers were invading their cell block and for saving his own life on many occasions prior.

The two remaining prisoners help man the prison while Daryl is away and they help Glenn dig graves. Rick Grimes has a better idea however. He is understandably in an unstable mental state seeing as he just found out his wife has died. He grabs an ax and starts on a killing spree within the prison, slashing through zombies like it ain’t no thing. Glenn realizes he needs to comfort Rick and subdue him, but when he attempts this Rick shoves him against a wall. Glenn decides it’s best to let Rick be alone for awhile.

Back at the Governor’s place, the people are celebrating and Michonne isn’t buying it. She retrieves her sword from the Governor’s apartment and finds a diary filled with one page of names, listing Penny’s at the bottom. The rest is filled with pages of slash marks, presumably counting how many people the Governor has killed and/or experimented on. We don’t know which just yet. She hides as the Governor, his science geek Milton, and Merle enter the room. Milton thinks the celebration is a waste of resources and power from the generator, but the boss insists that it is good for the town.

Later on, Michonne finds a cage of walkers and busts them loose before going samurai on them and slicing them to bits. The Governor warns her that she needs to follow the rules or leave. She warns him by putting the sword to his throat. He elicits Andrea’s help to gain Michonne’s trust, but to no avail. Andrea can’t convince Michonne to stay and rather than leave with her, she watches as Michonne walks away into the unknown.

Later that night, the Governor tries to comfort Andrea by taking her to the town square with the other citizens where they watch a gladiator style fight with three live town members including Merle. But they are surrounded by walkers on chains that Merle has caught in traps and their teeth have been removed. Andrea is appalled and finds this entertainment barbaric, but the Governor assures her that it’s perfectly safe and helps the townsfolk feel more comfortable in their roost.

Daryl and Maggie return to the prison and oddly enough, Daryl comforts the infant child and feeds her like a pro. Because Daryl is not a character from the graphic novels, he is somewhat of an enigma all around. One would never expect him to be good with children or connect with Carol so dearly. He is shaping up to be an unpredictable character, a brute with no rhyme or reason behind his actions. If he truly cares for Carol than he too should be grief stricken and unable to process the need to care for a baby. He later lays a Cherokee Rose on the mound of dirt that represents Carol’s grave, but something tells us that he doesn’t think Carol is truly dead.

At the prison, Rick Grimes finds the room in which Lori was killed. He finds Carl’s knife and a trail of blood. For a few very disturbing moments we are faced with the possibility that Carl’s kill shot to prevent Lori from turning walker may not have worked and that Rick may be stumbling upon his wife in a very disturbing state. Instead, he finds another walker that has eaten Lori’s entire body and is absolutely ready to burst, rendering him incapacitated. Rick stabs the walker in the head, but then he repeatedly stabs the walker’s stomach in an effort to retrieve any of Lori’s remains. In a way, this is a blessing as we will not have to see Lori’s mangled body following her C-section labor process and death. It’s better for everyone to never see her like that, mostly Rick.

One thing is for sure, this man has not much else to lose and no reason to fear anything from here on out. Carl is essentially independent now and Rick could easily allow Beth or Maggie to care for his infant daughter. If anything Rick is a man that walkers should fear and his very aura wreaks havoc on nature itself at this moment of his rage. He is officially the honey badger in a post apocalyptic natural world. We don’t know if he’ll be fit to lead this group for awhile. Yet, as the episode closes, Rick hears a phone ringing in the utility room and answers it. By uttering the only word he says the entire episode, “Hello?”, Rick leaves us wondering who could possibly be on the other end of that call. Could it be Carol calling from another place inside the prison? Is the ringing phone a figment of Rick’s presumably insane mind? We’ll have to wait and see.