‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Nebraska’ [SPOILERS]

The Shocking Reveal
The Walking Dead's last episode leaves viewers on edge.
The fan favorite zombie drama is back in the game and ready to go. After the incredibly shocking last episode that left audiences absolutely stunned, The Walking Dead has finally returned from its hiatus and it didn’t disappoint. They got to the good zombie kills right away and characters have become even more grim than before.

Upon realizing that Hershel and his family have been keeping live walkers locked in the barn in hopes of finding a cure to save them, our favorite little girl emerged in a holy shit moment of glory. Sophia had not been lost in the woods, but instead had been locked in the barn by Otis before he died. Rick decides to take Hershel’s word for this, but the crew isn’t satisfied. 

Carol is completely distraught upon seeing her zombified daughter shot before her eyes and she goes into shock. Daryl, who seemed to hold out all life’s purpose and hope on little Sophia leaves the group to be alone. Carl tells his mother Lori that he is sad that Sophia died, but that he would have gladly been the one to do her in. This shakes Lori a bit. 

Glen reminisces with Maggie about the meaning of life, telling her that Sophia’s death is different because it creates a whole new world for group in which there is no hope.

Lori decides to get the bodies together and dig graves for the people they know then burn the ones they don’t. They create a makeshift funeral for Sophia, but Carol doesn’t want to attend because she realizes that the body they are burying is not truly her daughter. Later on, she angrily attacks a bush full of Cherokee roses and goes a little insane. It’s a good thing the ever stable and reliable Shane comes to her aid and comforts her. 

Shane is approached by Dale who places the blame of the barn disaster upon him. Shane is enraged by this and calls Dale out, telling him that he is completely useless outside of a radiator or a boring old story. Even though Shane is completely unethical in so many ways, he definitely has a point. Dale hasn’t really done much of anything except stay really annoying and stick his nose in other people’s business.

Rick Grimes is a changed man now that he has had to put a bullet into Sophia’s head and so is Hershel. A recovering alcoholic, he disappears and goes to the local bar to drown his feelings. Rick decides to take Glen along to find him. When they arrive at the bar, they find Hershel getting trashed and Rick attempts to coax him back to the farm to take care of his daughters. There is a dramatic monologue in which the two men discuss the meaning of life and whether it is even worth it to go on living. 

A couple of strangers walk in looking shady as hell and creepy as shit. The fat one is a super disgusting pervert who talks about women like cattle and pisses in the corner. The other one cannot be trusted mainly because he previously played Rene in season one of True Blood and turned out to be one bad dude. That never bodes well when a new character is introduced. The guy tries to bully Rick Grimes into telling him where his people are staying and demands that the men let him and his fat partner shack up. Rick tells him, ‘No’ several times, but the sweet talking keeps on coming. Finally, as the stranger grabs his gun Rick Grimes does the unexpected and pops a few caps in both the stranger’s asses. Naturally, Glen and Hershel are a bit freaked out by this. 

Rick Grimes may have wanted to keep it safe and talk his way out of confrontation as much as possible in the past, but right now he couldn’t care any less. He just wants his family and friends safe. He no longer has time to weigh people’s morals and test the waters of friendship with dodgy creeps. This will make for an interesting last half of the season as Lori now suspects that Shane may have killed Otis to save himself and could be just as dangerous as the strangers.