The Walking Dead’ Recap: Michonne Wrestles Some Demons

'The Walking Dead'
Pics from the mid-season finale.
Hershel has been officially severed from the group.

Literally though, after the mid-season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, it looks like Hershel was really in over his head. Michonne goes back to survey the scene and give our old pal a proper goodbye in the form of a knife to the temple.

Was it disturbing? Most definitely. Could we have gone without seeing Hershel’s zombie head? Probably. But man, that was cool as hell.

The prison is a shit show. It’s over and everyone has fled the scene. Michonne picks two of the Governor’s men who have turned walker, chops off their jaws and arms, laces them up with some rope, and proceeds to migrate with a herd of walkers for a while. But then she has a dream, a very disturbing dream that reveals things we’ve been wondering about her for some time.

Michonne was in a serious relationship with a dude named Mike at one point. They refer to one another as ‘lovers’ but could have been married. They had a son together. He looks about two or three in the dream. Michonne is chopping vegetables with a knife, showing off a perfect midriff and playing the role of hot mom at home very well. Mike and his pal, talk at the dining room table. When Michonne looks down the knife has turned into a sword. The friend comments on it, showing that in this new world of post apocalypse, Michonne has more to offer than who two male counterparts who end up with a grim fate.

Michonne awakes frightened from the dream and continues to migrate with the herd until she sees her zombie doppelgänger. She loses it, slices the doppelgänger’s head off as well as the twenty or so other walkers in the herd and her two new pets. It seems that Michonne reverted back to her old ways when she created the pets in order to cope with being alone again. But the dream and the doppelgänger reminded her that she needs to face her demons and move on. She needs to choose life.

Meanwhile, Carl and Rick are limping along trying to find food. Carl keeps leaving his father behind him a few feet and is impatiently waiting for him to catch up. Rick is still in dad control mode and wants Carl to follow his commands, but Carl is clearly over it. He has lost trust and respect for his father because his decisions led to the shitstorm at the prison.

They reach an abandoned bar and grill where a lone walker still resides. Apparently, a family member didn’t have the heart to end him, but Rick tries to take an ax to the dude’s head. When it doesn’t work, Carl kills him with a bullet, which annoys Rick because he feels that it’s a waste of ammo. They find food and then carry on to an abandoned house. Rick is in bad shape, very injured, and on the verge of death. After he passes out and Carl cannot wake him, the boy kills a pack of walkers and goes in search for food.

At a neighboring house, Carl assumes that he is safe and finds food and supplies, but when he explores he realizes there is a walker locked in a bedroom and nearly succumbs to the beast before losing a shoe. He locks the walker back up and finishes a massive can of pudding. When he gets back to his dad, he spends time in a teenage boy’s bedroom where there are video games, guitars, band posters, and general dude stuff. Carl almost smirks in irony at what a normal life would have looked like for him in a non-zombie world.

We aren’t sure if Rick is alive or dead, but when he wakes Carl isn’t sure if his father has turned walker. At one point Carl yells at his father’s lifeless body that he would be glad if he were dead. But when Carl actually has to pull the trigger he can’t do it and gives into the possibility that his zombie dad might murder him then and there. But Rick is alive and is concerned for Carl before passing out again. Carl regrets hoping for his death.

When Rick finally wakes again and the two get to talking, Rick admits that Carl is a man and that it’s okay. And he seems to realize that he was living in la-la-land for awhile at the prison. Michonne follows their footprints and tracks them down to the house. She rings the bell. Before we get to see if it’s her or a gift of some sort behind the door the episode ends. But Rick has a smile on his face and that’s a good sign.