‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Killer Within’ Rips Out America’s Hearts

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Something shady is afoot at the prison where Rick Grimes and his crew have set up their new home. After last episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Grimes helped some prisoners secure their own cell block with the promise that they would keep to themselves. All is going really well, Hershel is taking an afternoon stroll on his bum leg with some crutches, and the men are out gathering wood.

Unfortunately, someone has been luring walkers into the compound with raw deer meat and they surround Lori, Maggie, Carl, Hershel, and Beth as Grimes, Daryl, and Glen look on helplessly. T-Dog and Carol take the initiative which proves badly for both of them. It turns out that one of the prisoners that we thought had been sacrificed to a courtyard of walkers has survived and is out for revenge.

T-Dog is bitten in an effort to close the gate letting in the walkers. He carries on with Carol refusing to leave his side. Inside the cell block they get stuck in a bind and T-Dog sacrifices himself to three walkers while Carol flees the scene. At this point Carol’s whereabouts are unknown and even Daryl assumes she is dead. However, as we’ve learned with Merle, if you haven’t seen someone actually die you can pretty well assume they are still out there somewhere.

Back at the Governor’s place, Michonne is checking out the National Guard equipment and quickly realizes that the men weren’t taken over by walkers, but shot and killed on site. She even finds human blood. The Governor tries to talk her out of her suspicions, but they both know she is too smart for that. Unfortunately, Andrea is about as smart as a box of rocks and continues to talk to Merle, the guy who was a meth head and absolutely disgusting with women. Andrea has always driven me insane, but she really takes the cake on this one. Now she is flirting with the governor, who has told her his name is Phillip, and she wants to stay with him.

Meanwhile Lori, Carl, and Maggie are scrambling to find a safe haven and the alarm system has started sounding off due to a back-up generator. Carl is acting like a complete and total level-headed badass, protecting the ladies as best he can and slaughtering walkers in his wake. But Lori goes into labor and after the three shut themselves inside a utility closet, she starts pushing the baby out. Maggie realizes that it isn’t going as planned and both women know that the only way for the baby to survive is by C-section. Where the hell is Carol when we need her? Useless.

Lori resigns herself to the fact that she is most likely going to die and begins instructing Carl to take care of his little sister as well as his father. She also tells him to always do the right thing. It was a touching moment even by Lori’s standards. I’ve been hard on Lori in the past, but I do feel like she redeemed herself. Remember how she tried to end this pregnancy early on for fear of what it would mean for her family? Rick didn’t let her and now he may regret that. It is also sad to note that Rick wasn’t very close or intimate with Lori since the death of Shane, even when she attempted to reach out to him last episode. That’s going to hurt really badly.

Rick is busy trying to turn off the back-up generator so the alarm won’t attract any more walkers. He finds the prisoner that he thought was killed in the courtyard, but he is alive and well. They fight until another prisoner picks up Grimes gun and shoots the rogue ax welding prisoner instead of Rick. This is a smart move on his part, because otherwise Daryl would have knifed him in the skull.

After Maggie cuts the C-section and gets the baby out, Carl realizes that he must shoot his dead mother in the head so that she won’t turn walker. Maggie offers to do it, but he tells her that he must be the one to do the deed, because Lori is his mother. You have to give the kid major props for dealing with this shit storm that is his life. Honestly, the actor who plays Carl should be given a trophy or a pizza. Or maybe a pizza trophy.

Either way, the moment that Rick secures the prison and sees Maggie and Carl emerge with the baby and no Lori, he breaks down. By the end of the episode he has collapsed into the fetal position and sobbing like a baby. Characters have to die, even the ones we love and it was really difficult to face up to that in this episode. Lori’s death was more brutal than we could have ever imagined.