‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Inmates’

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On the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Beth was somehow given the amazing gift of being stranded in the woods with hot ass Daryl Dixon and that teeny bopper beyotch had nothing but whining and complaints to offer. Oh yeah, I guess her dad just got his head hacked off with a sword so maybe that’s why she isn’t in the greatest mood.

But still . . . Daryl, the woods, his muscles, alone, together. Is this the teenage dream Katy Perry was referring to? Can’t this girl be at least a little psyched on this situation?

The episode starts with Beth reading from her diary when the group first found the prison. In what she has written, she has faith that things can be good, that life will work out, and that her father is right about how wonderful life might be at the prison. By the end of the episode Beth is ripping the diary into shreds and using it as kindling in a fire for her and Daryl. Do you blame the girl?

In the wake of the prison being completely destroyed and the group being dismantled, these two ended up together and Beth is adamant that they try to track the other members of the group. Daryl seems truly bummed out and at a loss, but in the sense that he could easily go the lonely route for awhile and not associate with humans, just like he did in the old days. He and Michonne seem to have this in common.

But he placates Beth and they find signs of humans walking, some berries that were smashed in a hurry rather than eaten, and this leads them to a pack of walkers that are at the end of a meal involving human flesh. Beth is discouraged and starts to cry, thinking it may be someone from their group.

The writers quelled our fears this episode by showing us two little girls, Lizzie and Mika. At first they seem alone, but then we see that they’re with Tyreese! But it gets better because he turns to check on them and he is carrying little baby Judith! Yay! Except now he is stuck in the woods with two unpredictable kids and a crying baby, which is attracting walkers. Lizzie is a killing crazy maniac now and is awaiting the opportunity to kill rabbits and anything else she can get her grubby little hands on. Mika is frightened and runs away from the group, which freaks Tyreese out, but he handles it quite well.

When Tyreese hears other people in the woods being attacked he has the girls stand back to back and keep an eye out for walkers while he runs to help. Lizzie is holding baby Judith and when they hear approaching walkers she tightly clamps her hand over the baby’s mouth and nose. This made me want to punch Lizzie in the face. We weren’t sure whether Judith was going to be smothered but Lizzie-the-sociopath and Mika had to fire a gun in order to protect the girls, but missed a walker nearly five feet away.

While Tyreese approaches a group that we recognize from when Beth and Daryl found them dead, he hears the gunshot and worries for the girls. But they approach unharmed and with Carol! Yay! Carol is back and we are so glad to see her. Who gives a shit if she burned Tyreese’s sick girlfriend alive? Carol is the only person who can care for Judith and the girls properly. Let’s face the cold hard facts.

The group talks to the last man standing in the group that was just attacked by walkers and he tells them to follow the tracks to a supposed sanctuary named Terminus. What will they find once they get there?

Then there is Sasha, alcoholic Bob, and Maggie, who is desperately looking for Glenn and not handling things very well. The other two decide to stick with her, even though she seems like a loose cannon at this point. The three find the bus that carried the sick and elderly from the prison. It’s broken down and is filled to the brim with walkers, people who Maggie had gotten to know and whom she had cared for. It would have been emotional watching them pile out the back door and be killed off one by one if we had actually gotten to know them ourselves, but since they’re red shirts, who cares?

Maggie finishes them off and then goes into the bus to see if Glenn is inside. A walker with a haircut like Glenn’s attacks her and she kills it. She breaks down and we are unsure if it is Glenn or not. But soon we realize that Glenn is back at the prison. He got off the bus to find Maggie right before it took off. Isn’t it kind of bullshit that the most responsible and vulnerable group to gather themselves up and actually leave the prison in an organized fashion end up becoming a bus full of walkers? Thanks a lot writers.

Glenn wakes up and gathers himself together, realizing he is the only one left at the prison. He goes back to his and Maggie’s cell and cries over a photo of her before getting his riot gear from under the bed. He prepares to face the crowd of walkers and manages to get through them before noticing Tara, locked inside a fence by herself, staring into nothing. He thinks of leaving her, but decides to motivate her to come with him and help him escape. She feels awful for following the Governor, watching her girlfriend die, and realizing that she was on the wrong side of this battle.

After the two navigate out of the prison, they come upon another group of walkers. Tara wants to know why Glenn wants her help and he tells her that he doesn’t want it, he needs her help desperately. He wants to find his “wife” (aww, so cute) Maggie. Tara agrees as a sort of redemption for screwing the pooch with that whole Governor shit storm. But Glenn fights some walkers and passes out from the pain of his previous injuries and illness.

Then Tara notices three figure approach. It is the infamous Abraham and his cohorts Rosita and Eugene, three characters that kick major ass in the comic books, but are now being introduced to the show. Can we trust them or are they nothing but trouble? It doesn’t seem like Tara has a choice at this point.