‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘I Ain’t A Judas’

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In the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the survivors are trying to decide whether to attack and wage war with the Governor or abandon the prison and run. Daryl wants to stay and fight, but his brother Merle advises against it. Rick gets overwhelmed and turns to leave the conversation, but Hershel stops him. He tells him to get it together and let Daryl and Glenn take control.

Even Carl knows his dad isn’t fit to lead the group. He tells Rick to take it easy and let the others take over. Meanwhile back at Woodbury, the Governor and Milton discuss training the town as soldiers and even recruit teenagers to fight. Andrea asks the Governor whether he tried to negotiate with Rick, but he tells her that Grimes wouldn’t have it. He neglects to tell her that he attacked Grimes’ group and killed Axel. Thus begins another episode wherein Andrea’s emotions and her instincts battle against one another.

At the prison, Glenn objects against Merle’s presence and Daryl stands up for him. Hershel talks with Merle, who tells him that the Governor will kill everyone, even the children, before he kills Rick. And then make him suffer. Carol tells Daryl that his brother is bad for him and that he has grown so much since leaving him the first time.

Andrea convinces Milton to help her escape Woodbury and visit the prison, but first she wants to create a pet walker like Michonne’s. After hacking off a couple of arms and curb checking a zombie, Tyreese and his gang show up after leaving Rick’s prison. Milton takes them back to Woodbury and Andrea heads to the prison.

When Andrea approaches the prison she is not greeted with friendliness. Rick holds her at gun point and strip searches her, before yelling at her to get up. She is oblivious to everything, Shane’s death, Lori’s death, T-Dog’s death, and everyone seems to resent her. She pleads with them to come to an agreement with the Governor, but the group isn’t convinced. Carol tells Andrea to sleep with the Governor and then kill him in his sleep.

Michonne also expresses her anger with Andrea for taking the Governor’s side and not following her friend. At Woodbury, Tyreese and his crew are joining ranks with the Governor because Rick wouldn’t work with them and through them out. That’s regrettable and totally on Rick for not properly allowing them to stay.

Andrea goes back to Woodbury and tells the Governor that the group at the prison is broken. She then sleeps with him and after he lays in slumber she approaches him with a knife. She is nearly ready to kill him, but can’t go through with it. Basically, Andrea is worthless. There is no way the writers would have the Governor be killed in such a way however, but this doesn’t make viewers become even more annoyed with Andrea.