‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Hounded’

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Professional Zombie Reveals Behind The Scenes Details
Now that we’ve witnessed Officer Grimes all but lose his mind, this week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead started with Rick on the phone talking to an unknown voice. It’s the voice of a young woman and she is asking him about his group. He tells her that he has a son and then realizes that he also has an infant daughter.

The woman says she’ll call back in two hours after she checks with her leader. When a man returns the call, Rick refuses to mention how his wife died and says he doesn’t want to talk about it. The man hangs up on him and Grimes loses it, almost beating the phone into a pulp. He is looking pretty insane these days and it doesn’t stop there.

Back at Woodbury, Michonne has walked off into the woods and Andrea has witnessed the barbaric gladiator style zombie fights. She asks the Governor how she can be of assistance now that she is a permanent resident. He says she can man the wall for awhile. She gets to know a girl who has a penchant for archery, but when a walker approaches the gates the girl falters and Andrea hops done from the gate to stab it in the face. The Governor isn’t pleased that she put herself in danger and calls her into his office.

Apparently, manning the wall wasn’t the only ‘assignment’ the Governor had in mind for her. Andrea admits she actually loved the violent gladiator fights and loved killing that walker. They both get really turned on and then they go to bed together. For some reason, it wasn’t pleasant to watch. Not that either of these actors is unattractive, but the Governor is next level creepy and Andrea just bugs the hell out of me.

Merle and three other men go to find Michonne in the wilderness. She immediately attacks the group and kills two of the men, leaving a dude named Neil and ugly ass Merle. They chase her and Merle shoots her in the leg before they are attacked by a pack of walkers. Michonne uses her samurai sword to gut a walker, but the entrails cover her in gore. She manages to escape while Merle and Neil fight off the remaining walkers and the Merle kills Neil because he wants to go back to camp without killing Michonne. He also wants to lie to the Governor. We don’t really understand his motives here, because it’s almost certain this will come back to bite him in the ass. Michonne probably scares him to death.

Michonne stumbles to a local supermarket where Glenn and Maggie have stopped to pick up formula for Rick’s baby (who has yet to be named). She watches from behind an abandoned vehicle as Glenn and Maggie get what they need from the store and start getting into their SUV. Merle shows up and tries to act friendly with them, recognizing Glenn immediately. Glenn isn’t trusting him and holds him at gunpoint. Merle wants to see Daryl and won’t take no for an answer. He shoots out the back of their getaway vehicle and grabs Maggie, making Glenn drive them back to Woodbury.

He catches up with the Governor, still aglow from some post-Andrea-sex and tells him that he has killed Michonne and the rest of the guys didn’t make it. Neither of them seem to care for the fallen soldiers and the Governor asks about Michonne’s sword and her head. He is an avid collector of dead heads and is disappointed that Merle didn’t bring him a trophy. Merle does have something better though, two new hostages.

Rick takes a shower and changes his clothes, reminding us that Andrew Lincoln is an attractive guy. He finally holds his daughter and bonds with the others. Hershel offers to wait by the phone and see if the other group calls Rick back, but Grimes wants to go it alone. Daryl and Carl decide to rid the cellblock of the remaining zombies. Daryl says that his mom died when he was a kid by falling asleep in bed with a lit cigarette making the entire house burn down. He says he didn’t get much closure because it was sort of like his mom just disappeared. Carl reminds Daryl that he knows his mom is dead and it’s a done deal, because he had to administer the final kill shot. That is definitely etched in his mind.

Daryl gets attacked by a rogue walker, which the group shoots down immediately. He notices that it has Carol’s knife in it’s throat and realizes that she is still alive somewhere. He finds her in a closet, barely alive, and carries her back to their cellblock.

Finally, we realize that Rick’s phone calls are a figment of his imagination. He finally talks to another woman who turns out to be Lori, some spirit from the netherworld and she reminds him that he needs to focus on his kids. He tells her that he is sorry and that he always loved her, but thought he had more time to fix everything. He just wanted to keep her safe and so he neglected to care for her emotionally. This imaginary conversation helps Rick move past her death and come back to reality, but it also begs the question of his sanity in the future.

As Rick holds his baby daughter and walks outside, he notices an abnormal looking walker. It turns out to be Michonne, who is carrying the baby formula Glenn and Maggie left behind and she is surrounded by walkers who don’t recognize her because she is covered in guts. Rick looks perplexed and the audience gets excited. It sucks that Glenn and Maggie are at Woodbury, but hopefully they’ll help Andrea pull her head out of her ass. And now Michonne is at the prison! This is going to be so awesome.