‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Claimed’

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Don’t mess with Glenn!

On the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, new guy Abraham and his sidekicks Eugene and Rosita attempted to stop Glenn from backtracking on their journey to Washington DC and were met with a beat down.

The man has a love for his “wife” Maggie like no other and no crazy looking mullet scientist and his red headed compadre are going to change that.

Tara and Glenn wake up in the back of Abraham’s truck. Tara lets him know that they’ve already driven past the bus from the prison. Glenn pounds his gun into the back window until they stop the vehicle because he assumes Maggie may have been on, near, or around that bus and he wants to go back. Abraham tells him that mullet Eugene is a scientist that knows how the zombie virus started and may have a way to save humanity. I tend not to trust scientists in this show’s realm after season one’s finale and after the scientist from the Governor’s town.

Glenn keeps walking and Abraham gets into a scuffle with him. A pack of walkers approaches and the group starts shooting them down, but a runaway bullet hits the gas tank and it leaks all of the fuel. Now the group are hanging with Glenn and will try to find another vehicle later on.

Michonne insists that Rick stay at their current location, an abandoned home, so she can take Carl out and find food while his father rests. They promise to be back in a few hours, but while they’re out a gang of dangerous thugs comes in and Rick has to hide under the bed before he fights a dude and climbs out the window. He is able to warn Michonne and Carl just in time before the thugs see them.

While Michonne and Carl are out, she admits to the boy that she once had a three year old son named Andre. Carl is struggling with the loss of Judith, whom is actually still alive unbeknownst to her older brother. Michonne and Carl bond over her sharing this information but while they are searching a house for food, Michonne finds a child’s bedroom where a family lays dead from an apparent murder-suicide shortly after the beginning phases of the apocalypse. It’s quite disturbing and brings Michonne to tears, but she makes sure to steer Carl away from the room so he doesn’t have to experience it.

After the three meet back up and Rick narrowly escapes the thugs, they find a sign which points to a sanctuary and head towards that place. Hopefully it is the same place Tyreese, Carol, and the girls are headed. In Terminus Carl may see his little sister alive once again.