‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Chupacabra’

This episode of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ started off with a flashback to the beginning of the apocalypse. Shane and Lori are in the early stages of their affair. They go to scout out the location while Carl tells his peers that his biological father is dead. Meanwhile, the military is dropping bombs on the city of Atlanta and the walkers are getting out of hand.

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Naturally, Lori turns to Shane for comfort. It’s a frightening time and she assumes her husband is dead. She obviously could not go back to the hospital to confirm his death based on the danger inside the city limits and she had to take Shane’s word as truth. But despite all this, Lori continues to be a character we love to hate.

Carol is still chipper as ever, wanting to cook big meals and hang the laundry and enjoy the morning air. Meanwhile, her daughter is probably undead. Nothing to be particularly concerned about.

Shane and Rick bond in the wilderness and talk about chicks they have banged, reminiscing on the good old days. Nostalgia man, it’s like a drug. Shane tells Rick that he is placing Sophia’s life ahead of the group’s safety. Rick admits to Lori that this may be true and that perhaps he needs to change his attitude.

‘Love or not, Sophia only matters to the degree in which she drags us down,’ says Shane.

Daryl is out and about killing squirrels with a crossbow while riding a horse. No big deal. He may be a hillbilly, but he has perfectly straight teeth. He attempts to climb the ravine but falls and starts seeing his brother Merle. Merle reminds him of his roots and his betrayal to his kin. He wakes to a walker chomping on his feet.

Queue hand to hand zombie combat in which Daryl kicks so much ass. There is no better way to embrace your redneck upbringing than to eat a squirrel and wear an ear necklace. Daryl is tripping all kinds of balls this episode. He has gone all Brad Pitt from Legends of the Fall.

Glenn confronts Lori about her pregnancy. She still hasn’t told either Rick or Shane and all signs are pointing to Shane being the baby daddy. Oh Lori!

But Glenn is having problems of his own. He is totally whipped by Maggie now that they have hooked up. He reminds Maggie that they still have resources for future hookups.

‘You’re seeing 11 condoms and I’m seeing 11 minutes of my life I won’t get back.’ says Maggie.

Andrea has been attempting to shoot guns. But instead of being super awesome like Maggie, she proceeds to mistake Daryl for a walker on his way back to camp and snipes him. When the guys catch up to him he has only been grazed by the bullet, but he does not look human.

‘Look at him! What the hell happened? He’s wearing ears!’ says Glenn.

Carol takes dinner to Daryl and thanks him for doing more for her daughter than her husband ever did. This scene felt uncharacteristic of Daryl because he compared himself to Shane and Rick. While it may be possible that Daryl is concerned with being 3rd best, I don’t think it’s consistent to have him vocalize it. If Daryl is dealing with any emotional issues, he has been painted too calloused in the series to ever express them, especially not to Carol. At the very least Daryl may have this talk with another male, perhaps someone like Shane who resembles his brother Merle.

Glenn goes to meet Maggie in the barn, but instead of exploring her green pastures he finds a pack of caged walkers. Something really weird is going on and this does not bode well for Glenn’s future sex life.