‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Cherokee Rose’ [Spoilers]

This episode of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ began with the crew hauling stones for fat Otis the hunter’s memorial. You remember Otis, the one Shane gunned down secretely to save his own skin. Rick Grimes and his followers may hail Shane as a hero, but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Then the absolute best character of this series shows up. ‘Judas’ approaches on his motorcycle and what I mean is that bad ass Daryl Dixon leads the pack to the safe house. If Norman Reedus doesn’t get some type of major award for his epic number of zombie kills with that cross bow it will be a tragedy greater than Otis’ fictional death.

Carl’s fever is going down and he is talking. He asks about Sophia. Rick lies to Carl and tells him that Sophia is safe. Lori, the series buzzkill thinks it’s more important to tell the truth. Well, she likes to think she represents truth when really she may be more shady than Shane in some ways. She immediately seems to suspect Shane’s lies during Otis’ memorial service because she too is the ultimate lier.

Carol is ‘so worried’ about Carl and immediately hugs Lori. Terrible hole in the plot because she was an emotional wreck while Sophia was around. She couldn’t do anything without someone at her side and now she is all chipper about Carl’s recovery? She should be totally messed up about the fact that her daughter is most likely a disgusting walker by now.

Speaking of walkers, the crew happens to find one in the watering hole and the ever brilliant Dale decides it’s best to draw him out with live bait. God, the two most annoying characters are out in the fields bitching about their sad lives again. When is T-dog going to man up and kick some real ass? Glenn is the tinniest human of the crew so they proceed to send him down the well. Naturally, a steel bolt system manages to break under the pressure of a 110lb man and he falls down to be clawed at by the zombie.

The result of this experiment is that the walker is sliced in half by the rope and his guts go spilling out to contaminate the water hole. This is exactly what everyone was trying to prevent. “We should seal off this well.” Thanks Dale. Thanks for all of your great ideas. You are totally important to this plot and to everyone’s survival or wait, you are worthless. “Good thing we didn’t do anything stupid like shoot it,” says T-dog after crushing the walker’s head to mush.

The old man tells Rick and Shane that he doesn’t want guns on his property, which is ironic because Otis shot Carl with a massively huge shotgun. Thank God that Daryl only uses a crossbow because you’d have to pry it from his cold dead fingers. And also, Rick Grimes still looks absolutey terrible from giving three pints of blood.

Glenn has been officially named the ‘go-to-town expert’, which means he’ll be going to town on Maggie anytime now. “I hear your fast on your feet and know how to get in and out,” she tells him. Later on when they are getting supplies from the local pharmacy Maggie literally jumps at the chance to bone him and then tells him not to expect it again. Poor Glenn does not deserve the treatment he is getting this episode.

Daryl leaves the pack and goes off once again to find Sophia. He comes upon an abandoned house and finds a can of freshly eaten food. But alas, still no Sophia. Who knows how long they are going to draw out this unlikely scenario that a 10-year-old is able to fend for herself during the zombie apocalypse. Nonetheless, Daryl brings Carol back a Cherokee rose and explains that it represents hope, urging her not to give up like he has on his crazy brother Merle.

Andrea tries to talk to Carol, but she is apparently ungrateful for the continuous shit these people have gone through for her and Andrea decides to talk to Shane instead. Shane explains that killing someone is as easy as turning off a switch and it’s easy to see that Andrea is evolving into someone completely shut off from her emotions as well.
“Last time I asked God for a favor and stopped for a view my son got shot,” Rick Grimes tells the old man. He is having major belief issues now, despite his son’s miraculous survival. He symbolically puts his badges away in a drawer and gives his son Carl the sheriff’s hat. Even Lori is surprised by this gesture.

Lori gets the pregnancy test that Glenn snuck for her and she urinates onto a pee strip. I know this because the closed captioning spelled it out for me while she squatted down in clear letters: “(urinating)”. That bitch is preggers and it’s more than likely that it’s psycho murdering Shane’s kid. Who would have thought that zombies would be the least of everyone’s problems during the end of the world?