‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Arrow On The Doorpost’

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After a few episode of agonizing drama, Rick Grimes and the Governor finally met face to face in the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Daryl, Hershel, and Grimes drive up to a few silos and a barn armed to the teeth. Even Hershel has his bum leg strapped down with guns and ammo.

Then the Governor’s people show up with Milton, Andrea, and a few extra men. Andrea has arranged this fine meeting of negotiation, hoping for a peaceful resolution. However, it is clear that Rick and the Governor have much different plans.

Rick has drawn up territorial lines wherein the prison gets one side of the river and Woodbury gets the other. The Governor is not pleased and both men ask Andrea to leave. She is hurt and shocked, mostly because Rick tells her that the Governor did something to Maggie. Andrea talks to Hershel to confirm that Maggie is okay, but it is clear that whatever happened to Maggie was done by a sick and twisted man. Andrea seems to finally wake up to the idea that her lover is not what he says he is.

While the two men talk inside the barn, Daryl and a Woodbury man named Martinez sense some walkers approaching and have a man to man battle to see who can more effectively deal with the dead zombies. Daryl is impressed with Martinez’ skills with a baseball bat and assumes he is ex-military. But Martinez tells him that he is a normal guy who has adapted after seeing the walkers kill his wife and children. Daryl seems to respect this and the two men have cigarettes together.

Hershel and Milton bond over Milton’s notes about the goings on at Woodbury. He asks to see Hershel’s bum leg and is impressed that the people at the prison were able to care for him after he sustained a bite to the leg. We can only assume that Hershel is defensive about allowing Milton to see his leg due to the ammo and fun he has strapped to it, but also it is a bit weird that Milton would ask.

At the prison, Glen is dealing with Merle’s impatience and demands that he chill out. Merle wants to sneak up to the meeting point and blow the Governor away, even attempting to convince Michonne to join him. Luckily, Michonne is one of the smartest of the bunch and tells him that he is on his own. Something tells me that Merle’s intentions aren’t totally pure. He may still be working with the Governor and attempting to bring Michonne to him as well as gathering information on Rick’s group.

The Governor tells Rick that he knows about Lori’s baby, that it could be Shane’s and that Rick is weak because he lets issues fall by the wayside out of carelessness. He also tells him that his wife died in a car accident prior to the zombie apocalypse and that he understands what it means to lose those that you love. He shows Rick his eye injury under the patch and tells him that he only wants Michonne and that he’ll let Rick do whatever he wants as long as he gets his revenge. The men decide to meet back up in two days for a final decision.

When the Governor gets back to Woodbury, he makes it clear to Milton that whether or not Rick brings Michonne, he is going to kill Grimes and all of his men on the spot. He says he’ll need to deal with Grimes one way or the other. Milton seems to be losing faith in the Governor and his cause. Andrea is also losing faith. In scenes from next week’s episode we see these two join forces to try and overthrow the Governor and his plans. Finally! Tyreese and his crew seem to be skeptical of Woodbury as well and may join up with Andrea’s cause. Let’s hope that she can redeem herself from all of her stupidity in the past.

When Rick gets back to the prison he doesn’t mention the Michonne issue, but instead lets the group know that a war is on and that they need to be prepared. Hershel senses that something is up and talks to Rick in private. Grimes reveals that Michonne could end this, but that he doesn’t want to give her up and wants Hershel to talk him out of it. Hershel reminds Rick that she has saved three of their group and that she warned them about the Governor as well as letting them know about Maggie and Glen’s capture. Hopefully Rick keeps this in mind before doing anything drastic.