‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: ‘Alone’

Daryl's Hot Bod
Norman Reedus Poses For Terry Richardson
Oh no you didn’t, Bob!

On the latest episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, we were given a little more information into Bob-the-booze-hound’s background and it was pretty predictable. The one surprise was that when Glenn and Daryl came upon him and questioned him, they weren’t very stringent in their acceptance of him into their group. Dude was the last survivor of two prior groups, suspicious much?

Later on, we saw Bob choosing alcohol over supplies for survivors. This time around he did something unpredictable and we don’t know how we feel about it.

Bob made the moves on Sasha. Maggie really wants to find Terminus, thinking that Glenn might be there. Bob is supportive, but Sasha has already been down this road twice and it was a shitstorm both times. First, she attempted to get into the prison community with her brother Tyreese, then they joined Woodbury, which was a disaster. Then they went back to the prison and that turned to shit. The last thing Sasha wants is to attempt to trust another community.

Maggie leaves Bob and Sasha. The two are separated for a while, but Bob decides to kiss Sasha and see if she is into it. Bob is creepy and most people probably don’t trust this or feel okay about it, as was discussed on AMC’s follow up show The Talking Dead. When Sasha doesn’t respond well they part ways. Sasha finds Maggie and helps her kill off a pack of walkers. Maggie is glad that Sasha found her and they decide to find Bob and go to Terminus. Sasha needed Bob to allow her to have hope for Tyreese’s survival and Maggie needed Sasha to show that people do need one another in order to get to their end goal.

Meanwhile, Daryl is literally carrying Beth around everywhere because while he was training her to track she got distracted by a walker and caught in a metal trap which damaged her ankle. It’s heartfelt to watch Daryl warm up to someone, but annoying as hell that it has to be Beth. The two find a funeral home and when they go inside they find that someone is taking walkers, pasting makeup on them, and throwing them funerals.

The two find food and bond emotionally, even thinking that they might stay awhile, but then a pack of walkers attack the funeral home and Daryl has to fight them off all by himself. He tells Beth to run, but before he can find her again some random person kidnaps her in a car and speeds off. Daryl tries to keep up, but eventually becomes exhausted and collapses.

Later on, a gang of total douche bags find Daryl and seem like they’re sure to kill him, but the leader is so impressed by his bow skills that he asks him either to join or die. Daryl ain’t no dummy! He joins the gang of creeps for the time being, which is such a bummer because he just barely opened up to Beth and confessed that all he did before the apocalypse is hang out with dirtbags and creeps who ordered him around.

Will Daryl find Beth soon? Was it the funeral director that kidnapped her? What did you think of this week’s episode?