‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale Recap: ‘Made To Suffer’

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In the mid-season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, a group of strangers showed up to the prison desperate for help and a new version of Officer Grimes was there to greet them. Carl-the-kid is a full blown badass now and he isn’t taking any chances. One of the group members is bitten and while the woman’s husband wants to bring her into the prison, Carl is laying down the law. And since the group doesn’t want Carl to kill her with a clean shot to the head, they attempt to hammer her skull in, but don’t follow through. That will surely come back to haunt the group.

Back at Woodbury, Michonne, Rick, Daryl, and T-Dogg 2 are storming the castle. I would name T-Dogg’s successor if he weren’t a worm feast by episode’s end, but it’s sort of a waste of time especially since they managed to replace him with T-Dogg 3 at the prison. Tyreese is the cooler, super badass leader of the new group and we won’t be forgetting him anytime soon. RIP T-Dogg 2. Thank God for Michonne, who is our only connection to culture in this white southern disaster of an apocalypse.

Glenn and Maggie are still locked up in sad cell city, but Glenn goes apeshit and busts a dead walker’s arm off to use as a shank. When Merle and his men come to gather the love birds, Maggie gives some random dude a radius ulna to the throat. Hardcore! Considering Maggie was essentially sexually assaulted last week by the Governor, she could be in a weak state emotionally, but she is awesome and it only fueled her fire. This gives Rick and the guys time to gather up our favorite couple and smoke bomb Woodbury.

Glenn immediately lets Daryl know that Merle is a major dickbag and is largely responsible for their lives sucking royally. Daryl seems torn, but wants to talk to Merle. Rick tells him to wait until they get Glenn and Maggie back to safety. At some point during their escape, amidst gunshots and a shoot out with Woodbury guards, Daryl stays behind to cover the group as the run away. But not before Rick hallucinates and sees Shane walking towards him! Jon Bernthal was back, for like thirty seconds, but it was awesome because he had an epic hillbilly beard!

Michonne has gone to the Governor’s private quarters and finds his lovely collection of heads. She also finds Penny, at first assuming that the girl is an innocent child, but then quickly understands the truth. Penny is a walker and this is confirmed when the Governor shows up and practically begs her not to kill his zombie daughter. For a moment, the audience may think that Michonne won’t follow through, but she samurais Penny through the skull. The Governor freaks out, the two wrestle around and break the fish tanks full of heads before Michonne stabs him in the eye with a shard of glass.

Then Andrea finds them and continues to be the worst female character of the series, even worse than when Lori was cheating on Rick after he returned from the hospital in season one. In the graphic novel, Andrea is super awesome. In this television series thus far, she has sucked. When she finds Michonne and the Governor, she takes her man’s side and comforts him amidst his sorrow for Penny and his shrunken heads. Really Andrea? Really?!?

At the prison, Tyreese controls his group when Carl locks them in their own cell block. Carl doesn’t bat an eyelash and lets them know they are safe and have food and water. Tyreese realizes this is no ordinary kid. He is THE man. He is the leader. No kid deserves this title more than Carl. Prediction: Carl loses his virginity to Beth. There has been a great deal of flirting going on this season between those two. Older women do tend to have more experience, Carl.

Speaking of Beth, creepy convict was trying to make friends with her in a pervy pedo way so Carol shut that shit right down. He assumed Carol is a lesbian. Little does he know she is so close to boning the coolest character of the show, our buddy Daryl.

Daryl is up shit creek without a paddle. The Governor tells the entire town that Merle is responsible for the infiltration, most likely as punishment for Merle’s lies concerning Michonne’s death. The Governor is wearing a bloody eye patch, doesn’t seem to care that he is an extreme amount of pain and possibly has severe corneal damage. He starts up ye ole Woodbury gladiator MMA fights and the two players are Merle versus Daryl. I’m assuming the writers wouldn’t have the balls to kill Daryl, otherwise there will be riots in the streets. I don’t know if we can make it to February to find out what happens.