‘The Voice’ Is Not ‘American Idol.’ So, There.

The four judges coaches of NBC’s The Voice met with the press yesterday in Los Angeles to discuss their upcoming reality competition.  The tone of EW’s recap of the event let’s us know that NBC is doing everything it can to convince us that The Voice isn’t American Idol.   While it is a singing competition, The Voice focuses on building its contestants up, not “tearing them down” like some other competitions we know…

The coaches are Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton.  The show will be hosted by MTV veteran (and Tara Reid survivor) Carson Daly.  Aguilera told the press, “This isn’t about tearing people down. I want to bring these people up. The Voice really does stand for what it says. Instinctually, you can judge people based on the way they look. I love that fact we get to sit here with our backs turned away from these people and completely use just one sense to hear these voices. I’m not looking for vocal acrobatics, who has biggest range [of] high and low. I’m looking forward to getting moved.”

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There you have it.  No judging, just encouragementThe Voice can’t possibly be taped in Los Angeles.  This city counts crushing dreams as one of its hobbies on Facebook.