‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Ian Somerhalder Makes Phone Call, Melts Hearts [PHOTOS]

Nina And Ian In Paris
Nina and Ian Somerhalder enjoy a romantic Parisian vacation.
'The Vampire Diaries'
Nina Dobrev suffered a concussion on set.
Is it just me, or does Ian Somerhalderhave eyes that pierce into your soul? Like seriously. The super hot The Vampire Diaries actor was spotted in LA doing a little bit of shopping at Fred Segal. Maybe he was buying some cute stuff for girlfriend, Nina Dobrev. Also, how jealous do you think Ian was when Nina got to take this picture with their co-star?

Ian clearly had some phone calling do to, and was kind enough to wave at the photographers before headng back in. See, that’s what all celebrities should be like. Sure he may have been annoyed, but he didn’t show it. He smiled, he nodded, he saved the planet from total destruction. Such a good boy. 

Launch the gallery to see all of Ian’s super sexy photos. Honestly, I remember watching him on LOST and thinking, “Hot.” But recently, he gone from hot to pure sexiness. Well done, sir. Well done.