‘The Vampire Diaries’ Star Daniel Gillies Moves To NBC! [PHOTOS]

Normally I’m on top of these things, but I did a double-take when I saw photos of The Vampire Diaries star Daniel Gillies today (April 18th) at NBCUniversal’s Summer Press Day in Pasadena.  Elijah, what are you doing!  And when did you become foxier than ever?

It turns out that Gillies will soon star on the medical drama Saving Hope, premiering June 7th on NBC, according to Assignment X.  “I have not entirely left The Vampire Diaries,” Gillies native explained, even though his character left Mystic Falls at the end of the “All My Children” episode.

Gillies added, “I am deeply indebted to what [The Vampire Diaries] has given me  but this show [Saving Hope] takes precedence. I love Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. I’d do anything for them in a instance. I can’t speak about anything further on the show, or I probably will be fired.”

Elijah in scrubs?  Yes please.