‘The Vampire Diaries’ Returns…And It’s Going To Be AMAZING, Plus Cast Photo From PaleyFest

TVD In Monte Carlo
The CW stars gathered in Monaco in 2010.
According to The Vampire Diaries’ Paleyfest panel Saturday night (March 10th), we are in for one DOOZY of an episode this Thursday.  “1912” looks to be a great way to welcome back the series after a few weeks off, and apparently we’re finally going to find out who the Mystic Falls serial killer is, according to E!.

And The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Esther comes back to try and kill her children again.  Caroline and Bonnie will not appear in this episode, but they will be working together a lot in the coming shows, dealing with Bonnie’s mother’s and the fact that Damon turned her into a vampire.  

Though Klaus won’t be around, Rebekah will stir the pot and ruin things because – shocker – Damon isn’t playing nice with her.

We don’t want to give too much away because we want Thursday’s episode to be a GASP!