‘The Vampire Diaries’ Return April 7th

It’s not fair to give us a bit of The Vampire Diaries newness, then take Damon away until April.  Thankfully the days are numbered until Isobel’s return forces everyone to lose their s___ all over again.  Poor Jenna let Elena’s mommy into the house because she’s not up to speed on vampire protocol (someone needs to fill Jenna in on the happenings of their little crew, because everyone is in the loop but her).  And will Alaric come clean with her, or is he going to let Isobel do it for him?  Once again, Jenna will most likely act as the group’s punching/stabbing bag (tasteless joke, I know).

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What we can expect from the April 7th episode: Jenna is devastated by Isobel’s returning, which John bears the brunt of (his baby mama, his problem).  Bonnie received Jonah’s powers once he died at the hands of Katherine, and now she needs to figure out bridle it.  Caroline has created a huge mess by telling Matt all sorts of vampire secrets.  Why didn’t she erase his memory after saving his life?  And finally, Stefan and Damon discover they have a new secret weapon.  What is it, pray tell?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

How could I forget!  Klaus (Joseph Morgan) will make his debut on the show April 21st.  I don’t even want to think about how the crew will attempt to deal with him.  Katherine had better run for the hills.

Check out a preview of April 7th’s Kill Thy Enemy episode after the jump.