‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Homecoming

Forgive me for being daft, but I was scratching my head by the time last night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries ended.  If Klaus was going to have Damon killed as soon as he himself was done away with, couldn’t Michael just stop that from happening by compelling the hybrids?  There were several loopholes in Klaus’s plan, but naturally Stefan had to go with the hastiest and most dramatic.  Now Michael is dead and Klaus is forever free to roam, sire and kill.  Good job, guys.

And here I thought Katherine was dead.  Either my ears are bad or Katherine told Stefan that she wanted “Matt.”  Is that bitch looking to turn Matt?  Leave the guy alone.  Let him finish high school and go to college out of state where supernatural forces and weird spells can’t get to him.

Was quite sad to see Elena literally stab Rebekah in the back.  I was a little nervous when Elena offered to put the necklace on Rebekah, then my suspicions were sadly confirmed.

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It’s a shame Michael is dead.  I had a bunch of questions for him about the Originals and why Klaus killed his own mother.  I saw on Twitter somewhere that Klaus and Tyler are going to form a bond of sorts in the coming episodes (returning January 5th), probably because Taylor is pissed that Caroline broke up with him.

We were so close to witnessing something crazy-good between Elena and Stefan, but were so rudely interrupted by Katherine.  Still, I think something is blossoming between Elena and Damon that will come to fruition in the second half of this season.

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