‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap – Dangerous Liaisons

Ian & Nina
Their cutest photos together.
Kat Graham
The star at a TCA party in Beverly Hills.
Sexed Up Salvatores
Entertainment Weekly's racy cover.
I called it!  I called it back when Klaus brought Caroline back to life on her faux 18th birthday that he had a thing for her.  Despite his poor standing in Mystic Falls and with his family, Klaus was chivalrous in his attempts to court Caroline.  For that, he gets one gold star.  Gentlemen, take note.  That’s how you treat a lady.  You draw her pictures of horses.

I am really starting to like Esther, but from the looks of next week’s episode, Elena is one f***ed duck with her kids. 

I couldn’t help but notice how swollen and full of Juvederm Elena’s top lip was.  Did anyone pick up on that in between staring at her pooftastical ball gown?

The heart wants what the heart wants, but why can’t Elena just want Damon?  Who else screamed when he told (more like snapped) her that he loved her?

Matt should really think about joining Jeremy in Denver.  At this point he’s nothing but collateral damage.  Poor kid doesn’t even have health insurance against the pretty-much-guaranteed injuries he’ll sustain if he continues to hang around these…people.