‘The Vampire Diaries’ Recap: “1912”

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 The Vampire Diaries returned tonight after a long time-out, but I was expecting more of a bang than the whimper that was “1912.”  E! News built this episode up to be one that fans would really enjoy at PaleyFest 2012 earlier this week, which was a mistake.  

I went into tonight thinking that so much would be revealed, most importantly who the serial killer was.  Then Meredith swooped in and told Alaric he was going insane, which might be causing him to black out and murder people.  This sounds a lot less cool than finding out that, say, Mrs. Lockwood is the killer.  Or the sheriff!  Or Bonnie because she’s sick of people dying in the name of Elena Gilbert.  Listen, it’s not totally outside the realm of possibility.

Soooooooo the ring makes the wearer crazy?  Fellow fans, I’m going to need you to help fill in the blanks.  It’s so typical of The Vampire Diaries to make it dull for the first 41 minutes, then spend the last three throwing us a curveball.

Bring on next week’s episode.  I need more answers.