‘The Vampire Diaries’ Katherine Pierce’s Greatest Moments…In GIFS

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Tonight is the episode all of The Vampire Diaries fans have anticipated for a few weeks now.

Will Katherine Pierce , played by Nina Dobrev, make it through the episode? All good things come to an end, right? Sometimes even a 500 year old needs to pass on.

That being said, I am in no way ready for the passing of one of my favorite characters. Without Miss Pierce, most of the spunk and fire will be gone from the show. It’ll be a very sad night.

Instead of mourning the character prematurely, we’re going to relive some of her greatest moments on the show. Five seasons in, we’re more than capable of reminiscing, just as everyone will be doing tonight.

Check after the jump for some of Katherine’s best moments.

1. The heartbreaking flashbacks where she gave birth only to have the baby ripped from her arms, turned into a vampire , and went home to find her entire family had been slaughtered.


2. When she saved Stefan (Paul Wesley) from Gloria.


3. When she pretended to be Elena and made out with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) on the porch.


4. Pretty much any scene she had in episode 4×18, “American Gothic”.


5. That one time she really seemed to let loose and enjoy life even though she was being held captive.


6. When she helped Stefan with his PTSD.


7. When “hallucination” Katherine terrorized Elena.


8. Her hook-up with Damon at the beginning of season two.


9. When she pretended to be Elena and tricked Mikael.


10. When she was locked in the tomb with Stefan.


11. When she beat up Elena before getting the cure shoved down her throat.


12. Last but not least, the adorable double eye wink.