OMG! ‘The Vampire Diares’ – Damn You, Mortality

Paul & Torrey's Stroll
Paul Wesley and then-gilfriend Torrey DeVitto take a stroll.
A Vampire Diaries fan always assumes that the dead will rise a few minutes later, because that’s what happens, right?  Right?!

Elena acted out our hysteria last night when Jeremy was actually, truly, “no ring needed” killed on that damn island.  That bitch Katherine got the Gilberts good by sacrificing the one link to sanity and family that Elena had left.

Being a hunter meant that Jeremy was no longer mortal, so the ring that brought him back to life over and over again was useless.

Nina Dobrev’s performance last night was heartbreaking.  There were a few times where I wanted to get up and hug the television because she was so convincing.  The way the writers put the focus on Jeremy’s corpse through the entire episode really drove home that point that this time, there was no saving one the gang’s own. 

The show won’t be back until March 16th, which gives fans plenty of time to grieve the passing of Jeremy and to get properly frightened at the prospect of meeting Silas (I want the uncut version.  No “hiding in Shane’s body,” please).

Entertainment Weekly reports that The CW kicked the crap out of NBC and ABC in last night’s ratings war.  The 8pm time slot saw 2.9 viewers tuning into the “Stand By Me “episode, jumping 30% from last week.

I’m going to need that time to get over Matt’s reaction to seeing Jeremy’s body.  Damn it, that boy made me cry.

I was hoping that Elena wouldn’t burn down her house after Damon compelled her to “turn it off.”  Nope, there it went.  Up in flames.

Who else needs a hug?  I miss Jeremy.