‘The Vampire Diaries’ Cast Promo Pics [PHOTOS]

Season Four
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Villains Galore!
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Less than a month until The Vampire Diaries returns for it’s fourth season. Like many other fans, I have a countdown going on. With all the teasers being given out to us, it’s difficult not to want more. Since learning about the cast shooting promo pictures, people have been begging to see them. As the premiere gets closer, I have a feeling we’ll have more teasers coming our way.

Promo shoots for the previous seasons usually have a whole bunch of pictures of the sexy trio. I’m assuming this means there will be even more pictures getting released soon! Maybe the original family will receive more publicity this time around. Let’s be honest, without them, there would be no other vampires. Obviously this means they’re deserving of a little more credit.

The main promotional shot, (featured above,) just like many others, has more of an eerie vibe. Paul Wesley’s tie being undone was a very hot touch! It almost looks as if Paul, Nina Dobrev, and Ian Somerhalder are sitting in the Mystic Falls cemetery. Maybe it’s their way of conveying everyone is in the mourning stage. Elena’s death was a pivotal moment in the show’s history.

Everyone’s favorite witch, Bonnie, is rumored to be trying to find a cure, or even a reversal spell for the little problem. My question is, why would Bonnie even bother when she never did it for Caroline? ‘Vampire Barbie’ was forced to go through her transition and Bonnie more or less snubbed her, even after making her daylight ring. What makes Elena so special? Can vampirism really be reversed? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the show?

Their new promo shots are stunning, just like all of their others. My only question is, where is Nathaniel Buzolic?! Kol, the youngest living original brother, should be featured just like his siblings. Does this mean his future on the show is uncertain? Talk about unnerving!