The Bizarre Things Mila Kunis Will Do To Stay Gorgeous

According to a recent article, there is a reason why Mila Kunis always looks absolutely stunning when she smolders onscreen. It’s not just amazing genetics and family heritage giving her that sparkle. Stars like Mila and Angelina Jolie are supposedly having bizarre facial treatments with names like ‘Vampire Facelift’ , ‘Leech Therapy’ and ‘Snake Venom Injection’. These risky procedures aren’t for your regular consumer.

“… a Vampire Facelift is something that involves drawing blood, spinning it around in a machine, then injecting into the victim’s client’s face; and a ruby and diamond facial entails peeling, antioxidants, and whole lot of sparkly things,” said a source.

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Seen here, Mila Kunis is spotted out getting a cup of coffee in Brentwood, California on August 26th. I’m loving her simple and casual attire here. Those skinny black jeans with the flats and striped tee are very beautiful with her skin tone. Let’s get one thing straight, as much as we would all like to write off Mila and Angelina’s unique beauty and try to give some reason why they are simply stunning, it’s simply not going to happen. I doubt that either woman has had these specific procedures. Even in pictures of them as children they were mind blowingly beautiful. It’s unique beauty that we need to appreciate in all human beings instead of trying to break down and analyze.