The Thing About TV Theme Songs [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

You either hate television theme songs, because you are anxiously awaiting your beloved show and the song will not suffice, or love them, because they are amazingly catchy each time and accompany great images. Only some TV theme songs made the cut for me. That even after entering the third season, I make sure to promptly change the channel at, let’s say, 8pm exact as a pose to entering the show a minute late to use the bathroom.

TV theme songs are very crucial. Why? Because they automatically set the tone for the show. If it is too long, I automatically assume the show will reflect this and it’s already a bad start, until it proves me wrong. If the theme song is catchy, I am undoubtedly in a great kind of mood and therefore excited for the show ahead.

Launch the gallery and see what songs made my top 10 favorite TV theme songs. And make sure to listen to the video below to see what received the golden star of remaining my favorite theme song of all time.


The winner is…