The Tale Of Liam Hemsworth’s $3,800 Bar Tab

Liam For Bench
Liam Hemsworth models for Bench clothing.
So I guess that’s how one goes about getting Miley Cyrus out of your head.

Liam Hemsworth sure did not look as if he had just spent $3,800 on a bar tab the night before while out shopping at Fred Perry this past Monday (September 30, 2013). Apparently, Liam helped sooth his Miley Cyrus blues with actor James Marsden on Sunday September 29 for “guys’ day out” at New York City’s Ainsworth Park.

The day began around 2:30 p.m. and started off with a few rounds of Coors Light and Brooklyn Lager while the group chowed down on beef and short rib sliders. Hemsworth, Marsden and guests were reportedly popping bottles of Don Julio and rang up a $3,800 bar tab of beer, food, and tequila before finally leaving around 7:30 p.m. 

There was no sign of Liam’s latest love interest Eiza Gonzalez, and Liam was said to be chatting up a couple of girls.

As for Miley, she actually thanks Liam in the credits of her new album Bangerz. After thanking everyone from her family to her producers, Cyrus capped it off by giving Hemsworth a shout-out. “I could not have made this album without one person…FE,” she wrote, calling the 23-year-old Hunger Games actor by his nickname, FeFe. “Thank you for inspiring me (PS. I Love You).”

Well that’s actually very sweet.

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