The Stars Of ’12 Years Slave’ Get Glam For LA Screening, Get Coy About Their Celebrity Crushes

'12 Years A Slave'
The stars of the Oscar contender at TIFF.
Listen folks, just because 12 Years A Slave is a very serious movie with a whole lot of Oscar buzz surrounding it does not mean that I’m not gonna ask every celebrity on the red carpet who their celebrity crush it. Well, after asking them all sorts of important questions of course.

The stars hit the red carpet last night for a screening of the incredible film at the Directors Guild of America.

Everyone was ecstatic on the red carpet and happy to talk about why they decided to work on the film. 

The most common answer? Director Steve McQueen. Actress Kelsey Scott, who plays Anne Northup, told me, “What attracted me to the project was Steve McQueen. I was a fan of his work and there was an opportunity to work with him.” Actress Ashley Dyke had a similar answer, “Reading the script and knowing that Steve McQueen was doing it is what I was like, “I’m in, I’m in.”

So once we had all that squared away, I obviously needed to know their celebrity crushes, right? 10-year-old Storm Reid was happy to share hers. Justin Bieber. She even got to meet him. “He called me a sweetheart,” she told me with a very excited look in her eyes. Still, meeting the Biebs wasn’t as cool as being in 12 Years A Slave.

Everyone else was very vague with their crushes. Actor Garret Dillahunt couldn’t even think of one, although his wife was happy to throw out Michael Fassbender as hers. Kelsey did say that she’d let me know if she ever goes on a date with any of them. So there’s that!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the red carpet last night. Also, Chiwetel Ejiofor is even more handsome in person. Remember to check out 12 Years A Slave when it hits theaters on October 18.