The Stars Dressed Down And Partied Up At The ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ After Party [PHOTOS]

Robert Pattinson at Cannes
The stars cutest moments at the Cannes Film Festival.
Rob & Kristen Fly High
The couple flew to NYC via private jet.
And so another saga comes to a close. Seems like just yesterday that we were saying “Who’s  that guy playing Edward? Oh, wait, he’s the one that died in Harry Potter 4, isn’t he? Forgot his name though…” Well, fast forward to last night, 4 years later, and the final fan-crazed Los Angeles premiere has finally happened. And after all of the autographs, the interviews, screams, and of course, red carpet posing, the final movie was screened at the Staples Center for the cast, friends and industry people, and the 1500 fans that spent the last 4 days camping out in the freezing cold, waiting for the event. After the long hours spent in devotion to this premiere, you’d think everyone would fall asleep, or just go home after the movie ended, right? Not quite! After the movie ended, the after party began!

All the people gathered at L.A. Live to drink and mingle away their post-Twilight woes, including the cast of the movies, past and present. The venue was transformed for the party, into a giant, 3D scrapbook of sorts, with various dioramas depicting pivotal scenes and props from the movies, including Bella’s orange Pickup Truck, the Meadow Scene, and the Volturi’s ornate thrones, to name a few. And naturally, no after party would be complete without cocktails. Bottomless cocktails. To put it into perspective, the first after party in 2008 had about 400 guests, compared to this years 3,500+; that’s a lot of alcohol. 

Most of the dressed up cast members, like Robert Pattinson took the time during the screening of the movie to change out of their suits and dresses before the party. More comfort to mingle with everyone, I suppose. And as the final Twi-bash began and ended, the attendees rejoiced and reflected on the last 5 years of their professional and personal lives that have been intertwined with this cheesily-awesome franchise.

Are you happy that we can all move on from Twilight? Or do you wish that Stephenie Meyer would continue the series, thus extending the reign of the sparkly vampires. Discuss below!

We snapped some pictures from the party, so check out the gallery to see them.