The Stars Carry Their Offspring Around Hollywood [PHOTOS]

Matt Bomer & His Kids
Matt Bomer, Simon Halls & their kids enjoy family outing.
Remember when there was a baby boom a few years back? Yeah, me too. It seemed like every day a new story of “So and So is Pregant, Yay!” would emerge. We get it, women of Hollywood, you’re all fertile. Enough! In 2012, the abundance of celebrity babies has only multiplied. These days the headlines are more like “So and So is having her third child” (I’m talking to you, Reese Witherspoon,) or the ever popular “So and So was out with one of their many children; naturally regarding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

But hey, look on the bright side, the constant continuation of celebrity babies is better than the constant continuation of, say…rehab stints, or deaths, right? Maybe all of the mini-stars are a thing to embrace, rather than be annoyed by. Whether or not you appreciate the offspring of Hollywood or not, it’s not something that can be avoided. Because of the perpetual attempts to enhance their public images, or the desire to just be good parents (you decide which,) celebs are almost always seen out with their children in their arms, if applicable. So we’ve compiled a gallery of 20 of Hollywood’s cutest parents, ahem…kids.

So check out the gallery to see celebrities take a stand as parents by preventing their children from standing.