The Situation’s Top 10 Quotes From ‘Jersey Shore’

Jersey Shore is still a cultural phenomenon. Much of it comes from the crazy and hysterical things the GTL Jersey crew says. And really, no one says stuff better than Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Seriously, it’s like magical pearls of wisdom. Most of the time. The Situation loves to talk about everything from his abs, to how awesome he is and of course how much the ladies love him. I mean, some of his lines even worked on Jesse Eisenberg.

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In honor of everything The Situation says we’ve put together a little gallery of ten of, what we believe, to be his greatest quotes. Trust me, it was difficult to whittle it down to just 10, but quality over quantity my friends. Launch the gallery to read the quotes for yourelf and tell us what your favorite is. I don’t think I could pick!