The Situation Is Shirtless And Holding Cats For PETA

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The Situation shows off his biceps and more for PETA’s latest ad about cats.  According to Gothamist, Les Sitch declares “too much pussy can be a bad thing” and will unveil his ad tomorrow (October 11th) at 11:45 am ET in front of the MTV Studios in Times Square.


According to PETA’s press release, a NSFW version will hit PETA’s site tomorrow.  They also wanted you to know this:

In the ad, The Situation shows off his celebrated six-pack amid a rowdy crowd of felines, next to the words ‘Here’s the Situation: There are more cats in shelters than there are homes for them. Cats and dogs need safe sex, too!’

Do we think Mr. Sitch knows the word for “fixing a cat’s private parts to prevent procreation?” 

The Situation was recently accused of falling off the wagon (he’s currently sober after entering rehab back in March).  Us Weekly published a report claiming that the Jersey Shore star was seen drinking at The London Hotel in West Hollywood.

“That’s crazy,” The Situation told Wendy Williams today. “When I got this gig I knew that life would be under a microscope and especially since this situation (arose).”

There was sangria at the reality star’s table, but he insists he remained sober.  “I’m not going to remove myself from the table because it’s there,” Sitch said.