Meet Britain’s Biggest Pop Group, The Saturdays (PS-They Love Kate Middleton) [INTERVIEW]

Mollie And Harry
There were a few rumors about these two!
King Gets Grilled About HRH
Ahh, the big question has been asked!
Spice Girls!
The girls rock the Olympics closing ceremony.
First there were the Spice Girls, and now The Saturdays are Britain’s hottest girl band.  E! introduces us to the group –  Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, Rochelle Humes, Vanessa White and Una Healy – in a brand new reality series, Chasing The Saturdays (a two-night premiere Sunday, January 20th and Monday, January 21st @ 10/9c)

I’m hoping you’ll fall as hard for their bitchin’ beats and bubbly personalities as I did.  I can’t help it, they’re #REEM!

I asked fans on Twitter to submit questions, and fail me they did not.

This one’s for you, my tweepers.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind: Will the group ever do a duet with UK boy band JLS?  (Rochelle is married to member Marvin Humes). 

“Rochelle can answer that one,” the gals said, passing it on to the Mrs.

“No, because I don’t believe in mixing business with [the personal].”

Fair enough! What they missed most about home (Ireland for Una, England for the other four).

“We miss our friends and family first and foremost I would say,” King told me, and the women were quick to agree.  Healy is mom to a darling 10-month-old girl, Aofie with husband Ben Foden (a dishy English rugby player).

“And that would be followed by food,” King said with a laugh.

Again, the gals gave a collective “Yes!”

“We miss our English breakfast,” King continued.  “Just things like baked beans.  We hardly get that over here, but we made up for it by having lots of pancakes.

“You guys [Americans] have amazing breakfasts, like waffles.  We did make up for everything over here.”

Wait, wait, wait.  No waffles across the pond?

“No, well we do…we probably have them, but they’re not proper ones,” King said.

I mean, you are missing out.

King agreed.  “I know we are, we try and recreate them but they’re just not the same.”

One fan wants to know: Is there going to be a Saturdays perfume? 

“It’s not out yet,” King said.  “But it will be.”

What was your inspiration for the perfume?

“It’s only just come up, but we’re working on it at the moment.  We want it to smell like confidence and sagacious and sexy and…

“A mixture of what we all wear, so something that will have all the guys chasing them,” the gals said with a giggle.

What is your favorite dance routine to any of your songs?

“I quite like our new one for our new single, ‘What About Us,'” White said.

What can we look forward to on your reality show?  We Americans don’t really catch on to a lot of great British pop culture, but this might be the second coming of the Spice Girls.

“First of all, we love the comparison of Spice Girls because it’s a massive compliment for us and we love them,” Sandford said.  “But our music is slightly different.

“We feel like we can do whatever we want, and we can do more rockier songs. On the show, viewers will be to be able to see how we all get along in our personal lives and how close we are.

“We really are like a family and I think it’s going to be a great thing for America to see.

Are going to be doing any tours in America?

“We would love to,” King responded.  “We put on a show in New York, and we had a show already at the (Roxy) on Sunset Boulevard, which was amazing because that was our first headline show.

“But we would love to come back and do a massive tour here.  That would be a dream.”

Most of you hail from the Mother England, and I want to know what you guys think of the Duchess of Cambridge. Do you love her as much as most of us Americans do?

“We love her,” the gals said enthusiastically.  “We just think she’s great!  Kate’s made the royal family grounded and relevant again.

“Back home, 2012 was a very patriotic year to be British.  It put the attention back on the royal family.”

I’ve noticed throughout my royal coverage that there was a lot of pride this past year.

“The British were really proud, weren’t we?” the gals clucked.  “There was so much going on.  It’s not very often that we get patriotic.  This year there were Union Jacks everywhere and everyone was so excited.

“And everyone gets really emotional about Will and Kate; It’s was nice for Britons to come together and celebrate.”

Did any one of you attend an Olympic event?

“Yes, I did,” Healy answered.  “I was at the finals on men’s 100 meters. I was so lucky, I went to see the tennis as well.”

Una, you are friends with Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips correct?

“Yes. My husband (Ben) isvery good friends with Zara and Mike through Rugby,  and I was introduced to them.  They’re really lovely.

I saw pictures of you up at the Edinburgh wedding.  You all looked dressed for a great time.  It must have been a fun event.

“It was amazing.  It was beautiful,” Healy said.  “The whole thing was so cool and (Zara) is a very, very down-to-earth girl, so the whole wedding was just so much fun.”

My friends, do yourselves a favor and listen to some songs by The Saturdays.  Such catchy beats.