The Rebirth Of Courtney Love

Courtney Love Drinks!
Courtney Love enjoys a little wine while shopping.
Courtney Love Is Crazy
25 of Courtney Loves craziest facial expressions.
Wobbly Courtney Love
Can you walk a straight line Courtney?
• Courtney Love stars in an ad for NJOY brand electronic cigarettes and it’s effing brilliant.

Jimmy Kimmel asks his audience to play another gay guessing game like the one last week during the Supreme Court hearings in which he asked his audience to guess whether random strangers were for or against gay marriage.

Holly Madison and boyfriend Pasquale Rotella spent their very first Easter as a family this past weekend, and they celebrated the day with their new daughter, Rainbow Aurora!

30 WTF pics.

Hayden Panettiere looking like a sexy little minx in the newest issue of Glamour magazine.

• Oh how I love when any Scientologist decides to take issue with any type of psychiatric medication. The quotes and commentary are usually ridiculous and this time around it’s Kirstie Alley that needs a muzzle.

• She says she wasn’t, but I think the spring issue of Girls and Corpses confirms that Courtney Stodden was indeed rejected by Playboy. Don’t let Hugh Hefner shit on your dreams, Court because you’re killing it on this cover. Literally.

Justin Bieber covers the May issue of Teen Vogue because, well, the magazine certainly knows its own demographic. He tells Teen Vogue that God made him a pop star “not just because I’m talented but so that he can help people.

Plus, find out what crazy things models do to stay thin. Details below.