‘The Real Housewives Of New York City’-What A Bunch Of Wackadoos

April 15th, 2011 // 1 Comment

I was crossing my fingers for Alex this episode, but her outlandish behavior let me down.  Sister made have found her voice, but she is off her rocker.  Yes, Sonja acted like an idiot on Marriage Equality March day, but Alex didn’t fare much better.  She was that outcast preschooler other kids allowed into playgroup, but only because someone’s mom (Andy Cohen) made them.  Now the kids are doing everything they can to make sure outcast isn’t heard from.  But that doesn’t stop outcast from opening her mouth at any given opportunity.  “This isn’t your day!”  “This is about marriage equality!” “Let Simon speak!”  Simon was getting too fussy.  When he and Alex found out Sonja had snipped them from the program, Brooklyn saw red.  I was waiting for Alex to take off her veil and choke an arrogant Sonja with it.

It’s been decided that Kelly is patronizing.  Being KKB only requires partial use of the brain, cause the rest of her’s so pretty!  She shows up to the march in converse kicks and a size 0 wedding dress, then proceeds to bark at Alex for getting all upset about the damn speech.  Cohen needs to hire a ref or a fourth grade teacher to regulate these broads.

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Last night’s episode flew by, mainly because we spent most of it trying to fend off Alex’s scary death stares.  Man, she is annoying when she’s angry.  And up until last night, I had no idea LuAnn disliked Alex so much.  After Lady McCord was ejected from Sonja’s “art” party, LuAnn assured us that if she were present during the brew-ha-ha, she would have helped throw Alex out based just on the outfit alone.  Countess, where are your manners?  You RSVP’d to this season without a filter, and it’s very unbecoming.

Ramona threw down a bunch of money to reserve a table at a Gucci event.  Kelly was invited by an actual Gucci.  Advantage=Model.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Alex was in the wrong. My thinking is based on having worked on and actively participated in (an unrelated) “cause” a few years ago.

    When a person supports a cause, the cause takes center stage. It’s very poor form to start a whiny argument about who can and can’t speak; you let it go and hope the event comes off in the very best light. So, when Alex was all earnest-in-your-face about her involvement, it was in poor taste. When she (and her gay husband) started a whiny fight in the holding area, it was in poor taste. The logical, cause-worthy thing to do is to put petty grievances aside and let the event unfold, not detract from it with petty concerns.

    Now, about Simon’s speech. That was also not about marriage equality; it was about marrying for a green card. I hope it wasn’t the same speech he was planning to give at the marriage equality march.

    Finally, about Sonja’s making the day about her. I see why other people think that’s the case, but I’m with Sonja on this one. When one is making a speech at an event, it’s natural to want the people who are in one’s company to be supportive. Speakers sometimes have entourages (think of politicians and such). So Sonja got her HW cast mates to be her entourage and they all agreed to do it; supporting Sonja was part of the deal. Luann Crackers and Kelly were doing the right thing by ignoring Alex and Simon’s whiny protestations.

    Finally, I’m tired of Alex being all holier-than-thou and intense about gay rights. Gay rights are important and all of us should support this deserving cause. It’s sad that Alex is taking the banner of gay rights to make herself seem oh-so-committed, and it’s not pretty. Go away already, Alex. And take your little Simon too.

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