‘The Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ Recap-What Happened At The Christening…

I am really enjoying this season of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey.  Who knew that subtracting Danielle Staub would make such an improvement?

I was really hoping Kathy Wakile would enter the franchise as the voice of reason.  I was wrong.  She is nothing more than “another country heard from.”  The only entertaining element about Kathy is her husband, Rich, who Is. A. Character.  Fashion Spectacles + Oversized Crucifix ‘Round The Neck + Embroidered Dress Shirts With The Chest Exposed = Quality Programming.  5 points to Andy Cohen for allowing Mr. Rich Wakile some camera time.

This family rift has clearly knocked the wind out of Teresa, and we can only handle one New Jersey fight per season (otherwise our health takes a noise dive, what with the added anxiety).  We hope that Joe and Joe can make amends.  However, seeing as they are both little Italian men with oversized tempers, we will not hold our collective breath.

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Jacqueline is useless.  She’s neither comforting nor stern with Teresa, who just needs to bawl her eyes out on someone’s shoulder.  Jacqueline just kind of wavers there like a lame duck while Teresa pretends that the christening incident wasn’t that bad (Fact: It was worse than bad).   Either slap her across the face or offers words of support, you ninny muggins!  Don’t make Caroline do all the work!

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Heyyyy Kim. G. It’s so great to see you (makes a stink face).  Are you bummed you’re not a full-time cast member?  It’s cool.  We can only handle you in small doses. Boy, you’ve really turned on the bitch-switch this year.  While Teresa doesn’t have a firm grasp on the English language, I must insist that you stop bad-mouthing her immediately.  Still not dressing your age, I see.

Yes, Kim D.  “Hip” is still an adjective used.  So is “Rad,” “Happening” and “Neat.”  They have their own corner in the Smithsonian.

Melissa and Kathy are so afraid of Caroline, which is awesome.