‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Recap: The Tear-Stained White Party

December 20th, 2011 // 3 Comments
The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills White Party

These people are insane.  They staged a party to serve as the backdrop to their soap opera.  The warm-up act was, of course, Kim Richards‘s maniacal rant. 

Brandi Glanville, God bless her, did her very best to apologize and put the past in the past.  She was remorseful and willing to say to Kim “Yeah, I have a potty mouth and I was kind of a bitch on game night,” but she also required that Kim admit her faults as well, which is fair.  Since Kim is emotionally stunted and can’t fight like an adult, it was a lose-lose situation.  THEN she tried to get her kid involved, which Brandi put the kabash on.  “I’m not fighting with a child,” she told her friend, Jennifer.

Ish was bad tonight.  Ish was vury vury bad.  Russell and Taylor Armstrong, oblivious to the storm a-brewin’ in Bel Air, tried their best to show just how far they’d come in their marriage.  It was terribly forced and uncomfortable to watch.

Dr. Paul Nassif is clearly not a fan of the late Armstrong and insisted that Russell not be allowed into the white party.  Adrienne “Mama” Maloof backed up her husband and was adament about letting both Russell and Taylor know that what Taylor said to Camille Grammer was true.  Nothing was fabricated, Russell was abusive, and now they were all holding their breath for the next lawsuit. 

Dana Wilkey is a kiss-ass and wants so badly for The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills to like her.  Newsflash, Dana: These women can smell desperation from a mile away.  You look like a fake Goyard tote.

What do you make of last night’s episode of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills?  Do you think Adrienne, Kyle and co. were in the right?  Or do you think they should have let Russell and Taylor stay?

By Kelly Lynch

  1. New York City

    I think the cats in white were so weak and should have been all in line with Adrienne who at least stood her ground. Taylor brushed them off in such a bitchy way it was obvious her game was up!

    • Anonymous

      My problems I see with this show is that these ladies are faker than a 3 dollar bill.
      Kim is an annoying person who thinks that she is the best thing since slice bread. and she is a drug addict has been that is rude and believes others have to bow to and put up with her crap. Falls apart out of nothing and after telling her business to her annoyingly oppinionated sister she wonders why Kyle is controlling??? Kim is never going to stop what she is doing until the people around her stop catering to her bs.
      Kyle: this woman is pathetic she cares more for a her friends than for her sister (who she batches left and right whenever possible).
      Taylor is the character I hate the most. After telling her business to get simpathy and grabbing attention (social climber) she then is flipping the script and saying “I never said that” and falls apart on cue to steal the scenes. She is the worst I have seen. It reminds me of the social climbers from RHWof DC. Now after her so called abuser(we never saw evidence of the beatings) kills himself she writes a book about “battered women” HOW MUCH MORE CAN SHE EXPLOIT THIS FOR…She is SCUM

  2. Anonymous

    Pardon the grammatical errors.

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