‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Recap – Round Two

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This is fun.  This is so much fun.  Thank you so much, Andy Cohen, for treating us to a reunion of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills we didn’t know would last three weeks.  Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump seem to really detest one another, if their one interaction last night (February 6th) was any indication. 

When Giggy’s champagne glass faux pas was brought up, Vanderpump made no apologies and invited Jackpot (Maloof’s dog) to come over and lick her own china clean (that sounds dirty).  A look, a pile of tension and a few terse words later, Vanderpump threw her hands up in defeat.  The relationship between her and Maloof was and probably still is strained. 

Brandi Glanville sure had her fun last night, but she walked away with only two friends after setting of a series of land mines.  Maloof tells her employees how much she dislikes Vanderpump…BOOM.  Taylor Armstrong didn’t wait for her late husband’s body to go cold before writing a book…BOOM!  Ay yay yay, relax.  I get that fighting back with hurtful words is Glanville’s defense mechanism, but you’re only giving Armstrong and Kyle Richards ammo to come back at you with.

One Bravo viewer wanted to know why Richards was so mean to Glanville at their first meeting.  Richards is related to that herpes of a human being, Paris Hilton, who might be the rudest, most immature troll this side of the Great Meridian.  Kim Richards might have hidden the crutches, but you are just as guilty for not handing them back to Glanville, Kyle.

@AdrienneMaloof drama drama drama!” Glanville tweeted earlier today.  “U ready for round 2?? Ha, glad we moved past it! Xob” Maloof responded back, “@BrandiGlanville @LisaVanderpump True, moving forward in a positive direction there’s more important things in this world to worry about!XoA.”

BTW, did anyone catch that weird interaction between Glanville and Maloof regarding her marriage to Dr. Paul Nassif?When those who were married put up their hands, Glanville said to Maloof, “You, we don’t know about” (or something to that effect), to which Maloof fired back “I’m married.”

What are your thoughts on last night’s episode?