OMG! ‘RHOBH’ – Get Yourself a Good Pair Of Flats And A Thicker Skin

Kyle Richards In '85
Now THIS is a face of the 80s.
Kim & Kyle
The Richards sisters on the red carpet.
Giggy Go BOOM
The poor thing faceplanted on the red carpet.
Oh, Paris.  First you welcome Kourtney Kardashian to your fair city, and then the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.  If I have to sit through another happy couple’s bridge-of-padlock-love scene…

Kyle Richards – Either stop wearing high-heels on the cobble-stoned streets of Paris or suck it up and stop complaining about how they’re not conducive to your shoe selection.  Yolanda Foster packed herself some flats, and she’d looked both comfortable and chic.

A satchel of gold coins goes to Brandi Glanville for her calm, cool and collected approach to Kim Richards’ quasi meltdown.  When Lisa Vanderpump wanted to find out why Kim was so upset, it was Brandi who advised her friend to give Kim space. 

Mauricio Umanksy, are you the cutest for buying your sister-in-law that bag she so badly wanted?

One can’t blame Kim for being so sensitive to Lisa’s comments.  The poor thing’s fresh out of rehab and still proving to her friends and family that she’s committed to her recovery.  I don’t think Lisa meant any harm, but I also don’t want to discount Kim’s reaction.

What did you think of last night’s episode?  Is there a void where Camille and Adrienne used to be?